It all started with a massage…

Coming home after a long day at work you walk in and see the house has been cleaned, there are candles lit on the end tables and I’ve spread a large blanket out in the middle of the floor. Walking to you I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you slowly, thoroughly, deeply. Pulling my head back I gaze up and you and whisper that you should go take a hot shower and come back out to me in your towel. Placing the warmed massage oil next to the blanket while I waited for you to come back. After your shower you came up behind me as I was standing surveying the area I had set up and wrapped your arms around me, nuzzling my neck for a moment. I worked your towel r towel off and took a step back to just appreciate you before having you lay down. Kneeling next to you I started smoothing warmed oil over your shoulders, your neck, and back. Slowly running my fingers up and down the length of your spine, then I began massaging your left shoulder, down the arm to your hand and each finger, then caressing in long slow strokes up and down the entire arm before switching sides. Once both arms had been thoroughly massaged I moved to straddle your hips while I massaged your back, kneading the tense muscles there, as I massaged further down your back I scooted further back straddling your thighs and then your calves while I massaged each of your ass cheeks, soothing the knots and tensed muscles there that caused your lower back to hurt. Then I knelt to the side of your legs while I massaged down the left leg, over the calf to the soles of your feet, taking time and care to relax every muscles an tendon before switching to the other leg. Once your back was completely done I had you turn over, letting my gaze run over you, stopping to admire the hardness of you that was begging for attention between your legs. I began massaging lightly the front of each leg, up to the thigh, then lightly over your stomach to your chest and the front of your shoulders. I leaned down and kissed you, nipping at the corner of your lips, then licking your bottom lip fully before teasing your mouth open to let our tongues dance. While we were kissing I slid my hand along your side then over your stomach until I could lightly caress the silky hardness of you causing you to flex your hips to try and get more contact with my fingertips. I stood then and reached up behind my neck and then my dress went slithering down my body and I was as naked as you at that point. Gesturing with one finger and that look in your eye I sunk down next to you and your hands immediately began roaming over my body while I caressed your shoulders and arms as we kissed…

Your hands caressing just the side swell of my breasts, the underside, moving your way down, kissing my neck. My back arching silently begging you to touch my nipples but you growl in my ear “Be patient little one.” Taking your time you kiss, bite and lick your way over my collarbones and my breasts, only after my legs start writhing and I start begging you please do you relent and take one of my nipples in your mouth, swirling your tongue around it, flicking it, before biting down increasing the pressure, with one last hard suck you pop my nipple out of your mouth and switch to the other one, lavishing the same treatment on that one as well. One hand sliding down over my belly making small, lazy circles over my pelvic bone, my smooth mons, lightly teasing just the top of my lips but no further. (You’re driving me completely mad with desire.) My hands are restlessly caressing your shoulders, your neck, nails lightly scraping over your skin. Kissing your way down my rib cage, over my belly, you tongue flicking out over the top of my pussy lips, settling yourself between my legs, spreading them wider to accommodate you, you begin licking slowly just the outer lips, teasing with feathery strokes of your tongue. My body alight with arousal, I can’t hold my hips still from the sensations you’re causing, your tongue circling my clit, you slide one finger inside my wet, needy pussy. Your teeth clamp down on my clit while your tongue flicks back and forth across it. You can feel my body tensing already, sliding another finger inside me and slide both in and out slowly while your lips, teeth, and tongue tease my clit and lips. My orgasm starts, my muscles clamping around your fingers, my juices drenching your fingers, your mouth. Before my orgasm finishes you move up my body, settling your hips between mine and driving inside my pussy in one deep stroke, kissing me deeply while you slide your hard cock in and out of me. My hips gyrating, meeting yours thrust for thrust. My legs wrapped around your lower back, giving you the deepest access. My body still riding the waves of my orgasm tenses for another, pulling out quickly you press my legs up further and your cock pushes slowly into my tight ass until you’re all the way inside. Beginning the slow, deep strokes that I love, one hand caressing my breasts, pinching the nipples, the other hand with three fingers in my pussy, the thumb on my clit. As your orgasm nears you start driving into my ass harder, then my second orgasm breaks, my whole body tensing, muscles clamping around your cock and your fingers, that drives you over the edge and you cum deep into my ass, growling your release. Easing to your side, your semi-hard cock still in my ass you cuddle me to you and we drift off for a nap still joined together.


Her imagination ran away again

He unlocked his phone and smiled to himself because there was a message for her. Opening it he read, “Just imagine that I’m there with you now, running my fingers through your hair and down your neck before leaning into nibble your lips and kiss you deeply.” Sending a quick message back he told her that he would pull her in close by grabbing her ass and squeezing while he devoured her mouth. Finishing his morning routine he prepared to leave for work when his phone chimed another message.  “Taking my time I’m going to lick, kiss, and nibble every inch of your shoulders and collarbones.” Ok, that one made him physically shiver. Replying he said to her that he would trace paths with this lips, fingers and tongue from the nape of her neck to the base of her spine.

Reading his last message her imagination took off with her. When he finally got home she couldn’t wait to touch him, greeting him at the door with a caress to his face and kissing him until their breaths were one and her body warmed from his nearness. His arms went around her, his hands on her ass, pulling her close, squeezing them as he returned the kiss. After a few minutes she pulled away just a bit and nuzzled against his neck. She had already showered and was in just her silky robe, she whispered to him to go get cleaned up and she’d fix them dinner. As she turned and walked to the kitchen he watched the silhouette of her shape outlined through her robe.

Coming into the kitchen, leaning against the jamb, he watched her for a minute setting up the table for them. Every move she made was fluid and sexy to him. She turned to him as if she sensed him there and skipped over to kiss him again curling her fingers through the hair at the base of his skull. They sat down to eat, he watched her the whole time, savoring each bite, licking her fork, making the act of eating a simple meal alluring. Then he felt her toe, sliding ever so slowly up the inside of his leg, just high enough to cause every nerve to come alive. Looking at her face he saw her gaze on him from under her lashes, hot with desire. Dinner was forgotten at that moment.

Her heart skipped when he pushed his plate away and he stood and lifted her into his arms. His mouth nibbling her ears, her neck, to the exposed part of her collarbones. She was flushed, her body getting hot, her core pulsing with need. His hands sliding up her body to part her robe first his eyes feasted on her breasts before his lips descended to kiss, nibble, and lick every spot on her skin just not her nipples. Her back was arching trying to get him to even just touch her nipples, but he wasn’t having any of it, he pulled her tight, her wrists in one of his hands behind her back making her breasts plump in front of his face, at his mercy. Only when she was writhing with pleasure, begging, pleading for him to please suck and bite her nipples did he comply, lashing first one nipple with his tongue then the other, shooting sparks down her entire body. Clamping his teeth down on each of them, flicking his tongue back and forth, she was almost orgasming from that sensation alone.

She was brought out of her reverie by the feel of her phone vibrating in her pocket. Opening it she saw a message form him, a video clip of him winking at her with the caption underneath that read, “I know what you’re thinking”, and she blushed while hoping that the work day would hurry up and end.

Get out of your mind..

It was their night to have together outside of all the daily responsibilities of daily life and work. She usually started by making dinner for them both but this night was going to go a little different, little did she know. Walking in, he wrapped her in his arms, pulling her very close and leaning down to whisper in her ear, “I know that you’ve been stuck in your head lately, with who knows what thoughts going on up there and I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re neglected or that you’re not constantly on my mind.” Taking her by the hand he led her to the bedroom where he grabbed his hairbrush from the dresser and with one smooth turn he had her tucked under his arm with her ass out and landed several hard smacks quickly all over her cheeks. Punctuating each smack with a staccato lecture, “You *smack* will *smack* stay *smack* out *smack* of *smack* your *smack* head *smack*!” She could do nothing but gasp and sigh with relief that he always seemed to know what she needed to clear her mind.

Turning her again into his arms he hugged her close, pulling her flush with his body holding her ass tight. Loosening his hold he started taking her clothes off util she was standing naked in front of him. Walking slowly behind her he saw the pink spots on each cheek and traced his fingertips over them causing her to shiver. Quickly taking his clothes off and pulling her onto the bed with him he began kissing her slowly, running his hands up and down her back. Her hands roaming over the back of his neck, his shoulders, running her nails lightly up his back. Settling between her legs he thrust inside until he was as deep as he could be inside her. When her legs wrapped around him he began the slow in and out rhythm that would drive both of them over the edge. Her muscles clenching around him, her orgasm beginning low in her belly, her nails clutching involuntarily into his shoulders as the pleasure overtook her. Feeling her orgasm start, he thrust harder and faster until his orgasm tore through him sending lightning through his whole body.

Resting on his elbows to either side of her shoulders he took a moment to let them both catch their breaths. Finally easing out of her he helped her up so they could go take a shower where he spent time soaping her up caressing the still pink skin of her ass and she slowly washed him.

Only after their shower was finished did they start thinking about dinner.

Meetings are Boring

She knew he had meetings all day and didn’t really intend to distract him from them, at least not at first. It all started with an innocent text message just telling him that she missed him, but then the little devil inside her took over. She sent another message, this time she told him, “I can’t wait until later when I can get your clothes off and taste your skin.” After awhile when he’d had time to look at his phone she got a one word response, “Behave!” but it was softened with a wink. Feeling a little more devilish she sent another message, “I want to run my fingertips up and down the smooth skin of your cock and then follow the path with my tongue and lips…” Knowing that it would take awhile for him to get a chance to see the new message she began daydreaming of when they were together later.

(Knowing that the kids all had plans to be elsewhere for the night and making it home just before he did she quickly stripped off her clothes so she was standing and waiting for him in just her bra and thong when he walked in the door. She stepped into his arms and he leaned down to kiss her thoroughly, and smacked her ass a few times with his right hand as “punishment” for teasing him at work. Her fingers were working the buttons of his shirt loose so she could touch him, all the while they were backing into the bathroom and towards the shower. She spent time washing him, smoothing her soapy hands over his shoulders, back, chest, washing the stress of his day away. After they were out wrapped in towels she took him by the hand and led him to his computer chair where he sat down and watched her sink to her knees in front of him. Spending a moment just admiring him before leaning forward and running her tongue up the entire length of his now super hard cock, swirling her tongue around the tip, then sliding her mouth down as far as she could before sliding back up again.)

So lost in her thoughts of him she didn’t notice the message come through for a moment, looking at it she smiled and hoped the work day would end quickly. The reply…

“You’re gonna get it!”

Soapy daydreams

She was standing with her eyes closed, under the hot spray of the shower letting the water rinse away the stress of the day. Remembering the last time that they were together her mind began to wander. She felt him behind her, his hands sliding over her shoulders, spreading soapy suds over her neck, collarbones, shoulders.

He began swirling his fingertips around just the lower swell of her breasts, over the sides, the skin just above her nipples making her squirm in anticipation. Finally his fingertips flicked over her nipples, circling, pinching them lightly, rolling then into stiff peaks. She shivered and moaned at the sensations he was creating in her.

His hands slid down over her belly, gliding along her hipbones, over her hips, up the inside of her thighs, grazing ever so lightly the very outside of her soft lips. Fingertips trailing up over her mound, teasing the softness. Her legs parted in anticipation, waiting for the fist touch of his fingertips on her clit.

She opened her eyes and the daydream dissipated like so much mist. He was still there and she still here, but she couldn’t wait until it was her reality again.

Sweet sleep

Waking in the middle of the night, he leans up on his elbow to watch her sleep in the glow of the low room light. His eyes caressing her silhouette while she sleeps. Sliding the covers down slowly, until her porcelain skin is exposed he looks at the light pink left on her rounded cheeks from the night before and his heartbeat quickens.

Sliding his palm over the skin he feels the smooth warmth underneath, caressing each cheek, sliding his finger slowly where her ass cheeks meet her thighs, testing for the reaction to the tenderness he knew must be there. Her back arched, her bottom up, giving him the access he wanted.

Beginning with light fluttering spanks he warmed up her cheeks again, when her breathing hitched, and her legs spread, he spanked a bit harder, making the smacks sting a little more. After a minute or two he couldn’t take it anymore and slid up behind her and into her wet, waiting, hot pussy. With a slow languorous rhythm that he knew she loved, he thrust in and out of her until she cried out and her body clenched around him before he followed her into bliss.

Rolling to his side, he gathered her to him and covered them up until they settled back into sweet, lascivious dreams, and sleep.”

Shower adjustment

We were in the shower together after work, our normal ritual to cleanse the stress of the day away, but you could sense that I was off, a bit edgy. You knew exactly what I needed.

Grabbing the softly scented body wash you knew relaxed me you slid your slick, soapy hands over my shoulders, down my back, over my ass, all the way down, then worked your way back up to circle over my breasts, pinching and rolling each nipple.

Rinsing my skin, you kissed my right shoulder, slid your hand down my arm and took my hand to place it against the wall in front of me, then repeated the process with my left hand, tilting me just a bit to the side you put your arm around my waist so my back was fully arched, both wet cheeks in perfect position.

Then the spanks began, quick, firm, and stinging against my skin, you gave me a very thorough spanking over the next minute. Just until you heard my breathing hitch, my hips arch even more, then your fingers unerringly found my clit, circling it with your wet fingers until I was moaning and begging for more.

Then you shut off the shower, got us out, to bend me over the edge of the bed and fuck me hard from behind until I melted around you so you could pump your release into me.

And that was just the beginning…