Soapy daydreams

She was standing with her eyes closed, under the hot spray of the shower letting the water rinse away the stress of the day. Remembering the last time that they were together her mind began to wander. She felt him behind her, his hands sliding over her shoulders, spreading soapy suds over her neck, collarbones, shoulders.

He began swirling his fingertips around just the lower swell of her breasts, over the sides, the skin just above her nipples making her squirm in anticipation. Finally his fingertips flicked over her nipples, circling, pinching them lightly, rolling then into stiff peaks. She shivered and moaned at the sensations he was creating in her.

His hands slid down over her belly, gliding along her hipbones, over her hips, up the inside of her thighs, grazing ever so lightly the very outside of her soft lips. Fingertips trailing up over her mound, teasing the softness. Her legs parted in anticipation, waiting for the fist touch of his fingertips on her clit.

She opened her eyes and the daydream dissipated like so much mist. He was still there and she still here, but she couldn’t wait until it was her reality again.


Shower adjustment

We were in the shower together after work, our normal ritual to cleanse the stress of the day away, but you could sense that I was off, a bit edgy. You knew exactly what I needed.

Grabbing the softly scented body wash you knew relaxed me you slid your slick, soapy hands over my shoulders, down my back, over my ass, all the way down, then worked your way back up to circle over my breasts, pinching and rolling each nipple.

Rinsing my skin, you kissed my right shoulder, slid your hand down my arm and took my hand to place it against the wall in front of me, then repeated the process with my left hand, tilting me just a bit to the side you put your arm around my waist so my back was fully arched, both wet cheeks in perfect position.

Then the spanks began, quick, firm, and stinging against my skin, you gave me a very thorough spanking over the next minute. Just until you heard my breathing hitch, my hips arch even more, then your fingers unerringly found my clit, circling it with your wet fingers until I was moaning and begging for more.

Then you shut off the shower, got us out, to bend me over the edge of the bed and fuck me hard from behind until I melted around you so you could pump your release into me.

And that was just the beginning…

It was a rough day

She could tell by the sound of his voice that he had one of those days. The ones that frustrated him and made his world feel like it was off its axis. She knew what he needed and set about making plans to give him exactly what he needed to release his stress.

Later that night, after everything was quiet, she took him by the hand and led him to the bed, whispering the whole way that she was going to take care of him. Rarely did she take control, but she knew when he needed to let go.

She had him lay on the bed, naked, taking some of her soft ribbon scarves she gently tied his wrists (to the top of the bed at each side). She knew without those gentle restraints he’d lose focus of what was being done to him and try to bring her pleasure because he was a giver. Taking some of her favorite warmed massage oil she began spreading it over his shoulders, down is back, massaging his tight muscles. When she reached his feet and massaged all the tenseness out of his body, she began kissing her way up, nipping both ass cheeks as she traveled up to the back of his neck, kissing and licking the entire way.

Untying his wrists momentarily she had him flip over so she had access to the entire sexy length of the front of his body, then refastened the scarves to the bed. Leaning down she whispered in his ear, sweetness, promises of things to come. Kissing, nipping, licking her way around his neck, his collarbones, back up to his mouth when she spent a leisurely amount of time kissing him, tasting his mouth, sliding her tongue against his. Her fingers caressing his face, combing through his beard, roaming over his shoulders and the kissing continued.

Moving down to begin caressing, massaging, kissing, and licking his chest, his rib cage, to his belly. Ever so lightly she began kissing his hipbones, the skin low on his belly, the very inside of his thighs. When he was writhing with the need to feel her mouth she ran her tongue lightly up the entire length of his hard cock, swirling her tongue around the head before sliding her mouth down around it.  Beginning the long, slow rhythm she knew he loved the most she slid her mouth up, then back down, her tongue constantly moving and tasting the hot, silky skin, her fingers lightly caressing and teasing his balls.

Needing to feel him inside of her she slid up his body and straddled his hips, sinking down onto his cock, until he was deep inside her wet pussy. Leaning forward she untied his wrists, being freed he grabbed her hips, flipped them over and began hard, deep stokes. Her orgasm was so close, her nails raking up his back, feeling his hard cock so deep inside her she couldn’t hold out any longer and her whole body tightened. Her pussy clenching around his cock was the catalyst that drove him over the edge. Taking those last few long, hard, deep plunges against her tightened muscles he came deep inside her.

Rolling to the side, he gathered her in his arms and began kissing her face, whispering of his love and how he felt so much lighter because she always knew how to take care of him.

A little bit of down time

You were working late and I was having a rare quiet night, so I was laying in bed reading. I was so absorbed in my book that I didn’t hear you come in (we had long before traded keys to each other’s places). Standing in the doorway for a moment you just stood looking at me, mostly naked, laying across the covers, rounded ass perfectly exposed to your gaze. Walking to the bed, you sit next to me and your hand immediately gravitates to my hip smoothing down over the curve of my ass. Putting my book down I turn my head to look at you, leaning in for a kiss you whisper to me, “Keep reading for as long as you can.” Starting the long slow strokes of your fingers from my shoulders, then sliding your hands down my back to my ass, over the curve of each cheek, down to cares the inside of each thigh. I abandoned my book because I can barely think around you, let alone when you’re touching me.

Continuing your sensual exploration, your hands slide down my inner thighs to my knees, the I feel your lips at the base of my spine, trailing sparks down the curve of my hip, making the fire in my belly spread. Hooking your thumbs under the sides of my thong you slide it off and toss it out of the way. Tilting one of my hips to the side you prop my left leg up, then I feel your amazing tongue flick ever so lightly against my clit. Taking your time, teasing the very outside, feathery kisses and licks that you know make me writhe, your hands caressing my ass, adding to the pleasure. Keeping one hand continuously squeezing and massaging both cheeks, the other hand slides in between my legs, sliding one finger into my already soaking pussy, your lips finally wrap around my clit and your tongue slides in a sensual caress all over it. Soon I can’t even distinguishing each sensation as I’m overloaded and can just tell that pleasure is radiating from what your mouth and hands are doing to me.

I can feel the pressure building, my brain sending tingles and sparks all over my skin. Sensing the same your finger slides deeper, your mouth absolutely devouring every spot of my sensitive pussy and clit, until you feel the muscles clamp around your finger and my orgasm explodes over my whole body, seizing my breath, and covering your face. When the tremors have subsided just enough to let me catch a breath you move up my body and your cock slides all the way into my pussy, so deep causing the orgasm to trigger all over again. Sliding slowly out, then back in, with my orgasm rippling around you it’s not long until you tip over the edge and blend your orgasm with mine.

Pulling me into your chest, you wrap me in your arms and we start kissing, until the fire builds up again and it continues…..

Away for business

He’d been traveling for business for the last two weeks, which was necessary but he didn’t like being away from her for too long, not because they were insecure in their relationship but because they were in love and missed each other while they were apart. They talked every night, so that the sound of their voices was the last thing either of them heard, she made sure she sent him loving texts during the day and sexier ones before their call.

He walked into the house in the late night, stepping into their room he saw her, she was sleeping but had taken time to prepare just for him. Her hair spread like a halo on the pillow, laying on her belly, hips propped up on a pillow, legs spread a bit offering him a view of her freshly shaved pussy. Sitting gently on the side of her he began placing tiny kisses down her spine and she sighed, “I’ve missed you my love.”

He ran a hand over her back, sliding gently over her rounded ass then one finger through her wet lips. Her back arched, his hand caressing each curve of her hip, down her thighs to her feet then back up again. Leaning down he nibbled along the curve of her ass cheeks, her thighs. Pulling her back towards him, his hands never ceasing their caressing of her skin, he kissed and nibbled the side of her neck, whispering in her ear, not quite words, but the carnal intention were in all of the sounds. She was making unintelligible sounds of need, arching her back even more, her pussy glistening just for him.

He couldn’t wait any longer, it had been too long, he slid his cock through her wetness then in one long stroke all the way inside her. Taking a moment to just feel the way she felt wrapped around his cock before she started gyrating her hips, intensifying the sensations. Grabbing her hips he started sliding in and out with long, deep strokes. Her hands reaching underneath herself to slide over her clit, to stroke his balls, he picked up his pace, deeper and harder, he could feel her tensing underneath him, on the edge. He knew he was close but wanted her to cum first, so he began the hard, deep strokes he knew she loved. Then smacked her right ass cheek, hard. He felt it then, her pussy tightening around him, her back arched, her moans stuck in her throat as a gasp and a scream. He let himself follow her into oblivion then.

Rolling to the side, he gathered her to him and stroking his hand up and down her side he whispered, “I missed you too baby girl.”

She gave herself

It was one of those days, the kind where nothing really went wrong but nothing went right either. Walking in his front door, mentally drained from the day he immediately smelled vanilla and sugar. He knew, just from the scent that she was there.

Walking to the back of the house and into his room he saw her there, kneeling, resting on her heels, her hair loose, cascading down her back, the ends just teasing the top curve of her ass. Walking around her, he took notice of her hands resting palm up on her thighs, her breasts, her bare pussy. She kept her eyes downcast, he liked that about her, she was his equal in every day life, but offered her submission freely.

Going to take a quick shower he could still see the vision of her kneeling, waiting for him, his decision. Drying off quickly he walked back to the room, she was exactly as he left her. He heard her breath catch as she heard him open the cabinet where he kept his ropes.

Trailing one end up along her thigh, over her pussy then up and over the skin between her breasts, he said in the low, quiet voice he knew she loved, “Let’s get you decorated little one”, and watched as goosebumps raised on her skin….

An Ordinary Day?

So, it was a regular day as far as you could tell. I had sent you flirt messages all day like usual and the sweet ones letting you know how important you were to me. Months before we had given each other keys to our respective homes, in case there was time for an impromptu visit, walking in you smelled roasted meat and fresh baked rolls, then you heard the shower running. Opening the bathroom door you saw me there silhouetted in the shower, quickly undressing you entered the shower behind me and slid your arms around my warm wet skin, hands sliding from the curve of my hips up to cup both breasts. Leaning my head back into your chest you leaned your head down to kiss me, sliding your tongue along my lower lip, nipping each corner then capturing my whole mouth dancing our tongues together. All the while your hands caressing my breasts, teasing my nipples until they were stiff with desire. Turning in your arms I slid my hands up your arms over your collarbones, up your neck, light fingertips tracing every indentation, my lips tasting the skin of your chest, tongue darting out to lick your sternum, hands sliding down your back over your tense glutes. Eyes looking up at you as I soap my hands and slide them between us and wash your now hard cock and gently wash your balls. Leaning back I let the water slide between us to rinse the soap away. Using the soap I slide my slippery hands over every inch of skin, getting you all soapy then leading you back into the water to rinse you off. Shutting the water off we step out and grab the big towels to wrap up in. Linking my fingers with yours I lead you to your favorite chair. Sitting down you watch me with hooded eyes, waiting to see what was next. Sinking to my knees in front of you I take your right hand and kiss each knuckle, my tongue sliding in the hollow between each one, my fingers caressing the palm of your hand, taking each finger separately and licking along the entire length, then repeating the same treatment on the left hand. My eyes on yours as I sit back on my heels and slide my hands down your arms, over your abdomen, to curl around your throbbing cock, you watching my eyes get wide with hunger for you. My tongue sliding from base to the tip, swirling around the head, tasting every inch, my hand caressing your balls, sliding the head between my lips then as far down to take as much in as I can and then a little bit more. Beginning the slow deep rhythm of in and out of my mouth, my hands fondling your balls the whole time, your hand finds its way to the back of my head fisting my hair in it, you start guiding me, hips involuntarily flexing to meet my mouth, I could feel you tensing, flicking my tongue on the underside, along the vein, increasing the pressure of my suction you give up trying to hold back and cum as I swallow all of you, as the pulsations continue and I lick you clean then sit up and look at you with blazing hunger in my eyes you pick me up and growl in my ear, “Food can wait, I can’t!”, and take us to the bedroom and kick the door shut….