Belly Dancer

The lights were dim, soft, sensual music playing low in the background. You were sitting, relaxed in the recliner, across the room, I was there, my skirt flowing and see through, the top silky, tied behind my neck. Hips swaying, hands floating up, above my head, the way the light showed through the material you could see the shadowed outlines of my inner thighs, the curve of my calf. Wearing tiny bells on anklets there were soft jingles with each step I took towards you.

Sitting up and on the edge of the chair, as I shimmy my hips right in front of you, you reach out your hands and with a feather light touch slide them from the curve of my hips, over my waist, up my rib cage, palms whisper soft brushing over my nipples so you could reach around and untie the silky top. Letting it fall away from my breasts, you watch as they move with every swivel of my hips, letting your fingertips circle over the soft skin, making my nipples even harder by because of the look in your eye and that you purposely avoid touching them while you tease me.

Finally relenting the back of your knuckles brush over both nipples making me catch my breath and my belly tighten from the sensations. Leaning forward your tongue flicks across first one nipple then the next, stepping in between your legs, I move closer to bring my nipples closer to your mouth. Sliding your arms around me, your hands on my ass pulling me even closer, your lips close over my left nipple, teeth nipping and tongue swirling around it, my fingertips pressing into your shoulders as your mouth devours first one nipple, then the other.

Pulling me down, so I am straddling your lap, one hand on the back of my head the other caressing the curve of my back, you start nibbling my lips, tracing my bottom lip, before meshing our mouths together, tongues meeting and sliding against each other.  My arms over your shoulders, my fingertips caressing the back of your neck. Sliding both your hands to my ass you start pulling the edge of my skirt up until it’s around my waist, my bare bottom half exposed to your fingers. I can feel your cock hard beneath me, I start rubbing wet pussy and clit against it. Mouths still together, my nipples rubbing against your chest, your hands squeezing and caressing my ass, all of the sudden you deliver a sharp smack against the right cheek. Pausing the kiss long enough to whisper against my lips, “Ride me baby.”

Lifting my hips to fit us together I slide all the way down onto your cock, legs muscles working, swiveling my hips to slide up and down on you. Your hands gripping my hips, helping me, guiding me, smacking my ass every time our hips meet. I can feel my body tensing with orgasm, tightening around you, right on the edge of falling into ecstasy. Your hands, gripping my ass tight, your hips rising up, slamming into mine every time I slide down, I feel you tense under me, my orgasm triggered by yours.

After a minute or two, I lay my head on your shoulder, your hand stroking softly up and down my back as we recharge, together.


Come Visit

Seeing you as you were walking out of the plane, my eyes tracing over the contours of your face that I have memorized. Turning your head, our eyes lock and my breath catches. Not even pausing I walk straight into your arms, when I look up, you lean down to take my mouth in a kiss. All the sounds fade away, I can only hear my heartbeat and feel your kiss. After what seemed like an hour but still too soon, we break away, taking your hand I lead you out of the airport.

On the ride back to my place, your hand rests on my knee, then further up on my thigh, thumb making slow circles, causing my skin to tingle. My fingertips travelling over each finger and up your arm, tracing each muscle. Looking over quickly at your face, the line of your jaw, your lips, the features I’ve spent so long memorizing already, you glance over and find me watching you and you smile. Getting to my place and going inside I’d like to say that we took our time and talked for a while, but having spent so many days and nights apart, talking and texting, time together was something we weren’t willing to waste.

Stepping right back into your arms we start kissing again, my tongue darting out to lick your bottom lip, teeth grazing the fullness, my fingertips sliding over your arms and shoulders. Your hands moving from cupping my face, over my shoulders, sliding my shirt down, it slides down to settle on my hips, reaching behind me you unhook my bra, sliding the straps down my arms until it falls to the floor between us, feeling your hands on my breasts for the first time ignites a fire low in my belly, my breath catches and I instinctively arch my back pressing them more firmly in your hands.

Somehow we end up in my bedroom and end up naked on the bed together. Laying back on my pillows you give me the chance to explore you, watching me, eyes hot. Fingertips tracing over your head, your cheekbones, over your lips my lips and tongue following the path tasting and teasing your skin. Continuing down to taste and lick along your collarbones, nibbling the side of your neck. Fingertips trailing up and down your arms, over your chest, lips following, tasting each spot, kissing each finger the tip of my tongue tracing each knuckle. Kneeling back to look at you, my eyes travelling over your body, I start trailing my fingertips over your again at your hipbones, down your legs. My mouth teasing your hipbones, tongue tracing along the skin. My fingertips finishing their exploration of your legs, they trail back up, and with barely the pressure of a butterfly wing they slide over your already hard cock. My tongue licking from the base all the way to the tip, lips nibbling along the vein, swirling my tongue over the head before I slide my mouth over it and as far down as I can go. Fingertips tracing over your balls, mouth sliding up and down over your cock, tongue flicking back and forth with each slide of my mouth.

Pulling me up, then flipping us over, you plunge your hard cock into my pussy, stroking in and out in a slow rhythm. My legs wrapping around you, my hands holding your shoulders. Leaning down you kiss me, nipping my bottom lip, then our tongues dancing together. Matching the slide of your tongue in my mouth to the thrust of your cock in my pussy you capture all of my senses. My orgasm suddenly takes over, my muscles tensing and tightening around you, flooding us with wetness. Pulling out, you position my legs over your shoulders and slide the head of your cock into my well lubricated ass, slowly sinking all the way in, holding my legs you begin fucking my ass hard and fast, one hand reaching to pull and pinch my nipples into even stiffer peaks of desire. Sliding that hand down my belly you press your thumb against my clit while sliding three fingers into my pussy. My eyes burning hot on yours and you fuck me thoroughly. Chanting your name over and over I’m close to cumming again.. reaching your other hand down you pinch first one nipple then the other extremely hard and say in a low voice, “Cum with me.” Hearing that sends me over the edge, body tensing, muscles clenching around your cock as you cum in my ass. Thrusting a few more times before pulling out you watch my eyes widen with every one. Taking me in your arms we lay together and start feeling sleepy from the orgasms.

We were sleeping, or more to the point, we were wrapped around each other enveloped in a haze of sleepiness. My head was nestled in the curve of your shoulder, my fingertips running up and down your arm idly, placing tiny kisses on at the top of your arm, my tongue darting out to taste the skin my lips just touched. Your hand making slow strokes from my rib cage then down over my hip, then back up over my belly to cup my breasts, fingertips making lazy circles around the nipples. Your lips nibbling my ear, whispering, sounds and words that convey desire. Your hand sliding down again over my ribs and my belly, I hook my leg backwards over yours, opening myself to you, your fingertips lightly brushing over the slick, swollen flesh. Arching my back, I feel your already hard cock glide against me, the tip fitting just inside. Flexing your hips, you slide all the way in, starting a slow, languorous rhythm..

Tantric Massage – From the Other Side

Every story has two sides, every massage two participants. This is the story from the other participant in the hottest massage ever. .

“I certainly like massage and have had a lot of them, all different kinds, many different countries, from men and women with all sorts of endings. I have rarely found a massage I didn’t like. I live in a bedroom community just outside the big city. Great people, mostly liberal or redneck, not much in between and a lot of college kids. About 60,000. I have had a massage business here for a number of years. I have also over the years, many times at the same time, worked a main job in other all or mostly female environments. ( I know, I’m energetic). I don’t know about others, but, in my case I have mostly been treated as one of the girls when I was an international flight attendant and also working as an RN in women’s health. Flying I would sit on the jump seat and answer a lot of questions from co-workers. Diseases, how women’s bodies worked, sex, men, relationships, etc. There were many times that someone would come to my hotel room with a problem and I never once took advantage of them. I managed miscarriages, diagnosed STD’s and answered lots of questions. Over time they found out I did massage and some one would show up in my room asking for a massage. I was usually pretty happy to oblige, certainly I wanted to help them, and while again I never took advantage of anyone I was certainly willing to let them take advantage of me. What a blessed fucking life and I was getting paid, a lot!!

When I opened my current office I already had several female clients that desired “complete” massage that were my clients at the clinic I had just sold. While I generally do charge for massage I don’t charge for any extras, so to speak. There are lots of different women in the world with lots of different needs and desires. The biggest is that everyone wants to be needed and wanted and wants human connection. I run an ad on Craig’s List occasionally under m4w. A simple ad that lets women know that I am professional, clean, safe, in an office, and their needs will be met and they don’t have to pay the first time and they don’t have to reciprocate. I post a pretty much full length nude photo, sans face, so they can see what they are getting. I’m not handsome and don’t have a great body and it is fair that they know that up front. They have to respond to a Craig’s List email box then I can respond to those I wish to. So one day I get an email asking about what I do. Since I never know who I am talking to I try and use rather vague generalities so no one can get in trouble, but, everyone knows what we are talking about. She asked if it is really free and that really nothing is expected of her. I confirm that. I think there was one more email and then the day we had made the appointment arrived. That morning I got another message confirming time and my address and that no reciprocation was required. Okey dokey then, obviously she is doing this for the first time. At the appointed time there was a knock, I told her to come on in and came out of my office and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD i hit the jackpot. I just didn’t know then how much of a jack pot I had hit. Tall, blond, killer body, beautiful, beautiful teeth and very nice nails. (very important. I never see ear rings, but, well kept nails says a lot about a woman), make up was well done hair in a neat pony tail, and nicely done eye brows. The other thing I noticed was she was nervous and a little scared, which I understand, so I didn’t spend a lot of time ogling her.

I gave her the standard “women’s form for Tantric massage. A tiny bit of personal information, a big disclaimer, and on the back side some very important questions. How dark do you want the room, do you want to be totally, partially covered or none, Is it ok to touch, is oral ok, is it ok to put fingers inside vagina, butt, are toys ok. is it ok for me to be naked is it ok to have sex? She has to initial every one that she consents to. She initials them all except the one about sex. Damn, oh well. She is still pretty nervous so I take her back to the massage room, show her where to hang her clothes, the massage table, and tell her to start face down and give her a hand towel to cover the goodies. I leave and close the door, probably left over from being a nurse, but, I know if I stand and watch she will get even more nervous. I return after adequate time for her to get on the table and got undressed. (I never realized until I read her story that she heard and identified that). I try and do this because when you are the only naked one in the room and the other(s) are dressed the discomfort level goes up a lot. I learned this from working occasionally with couples. As I said before, I am not the stud muffin from the gym so it is difficult knowing this beautiful creature on the table is at some point going to turn over and see me in all my not so hottie glory. Don’t take me wrong, we all have strengths and weaknesses and I know my greatest strength lies elsewhere.

I move to the head of the table, step on the button to raise it to my height. and get some oil. I start long strokes down the back, not quite touching her butt. I want her to get used to the feel of my hands on her body. I ask her kind of general questions, I want to know a little about her, I want to help her relax and I really didn’t think “You’re freaking gorgeous and men everywhere would worship the ground you walk on so why are you here?” would really put her at ease. I spread oil down the spine, shoulders, work out some knots, we talk about her gym and trainer, I wonder if she is sleeping with the much younger trainer, uh probably not or she wouldn’t be here and not this nervous, lengthen the strokes down the back so I am now going down to where the legs and butt meet around and back up the sides. I let a thumb slide just a little way into the top of the butt crack, not enough to alarm, but, enough to tease of things to come. She is pretty tall so every time I go all the way down my dick is poking her hands or head a little. Just enough the she knows I have one. I move to her left leg and start applying oil from ankle to the top of the butt. I use long smooth stroked to spread the oil up the center of the leg and then down the outside, then up the center and down the inside. Just a little tease in the butt crack and down to the vagina, but, only outside. I don’t want to scare her by trying to open her up too early. Inspire of the circumstances this is her massage I I want her to have a great experience and I know that doesn’t happen by my being too pushy. As I kneed her thighs and butt I go a little deeper. My hands circle the back of her thigh so as I work I can’t help but rub some on the outer pars of her vagina, butt crack and pretty much everything in between. I can tell she is getting wet. I can see the wetness and there is the slightest scent of arousal. When I go back to the long strokes now I don’t curl my fingers under so when I get to the top of the thigh and her vagina I let them poke in a little. That elicits a little moan and a little wiggle. I have a bolster that I sometimes put under peoples ankles when they are face down, but, in some cases, especially this one, I just drop her foot off the side of the table. I went to the other side, got some oil and made the first long stroke and as I did this I moved this foot off the side of the table also. That left her spread wide open 32” between her ankles. what a glorious site. The towel was still sort of there, but, not really covering anything.

I repeated the massage on this side, but, was a little more direct with my touch, especially the straight fingers hitting anywhere between her butt hole and vagina. I didn’t stray down to the clitoris though. Now she was getting really wet. I was hard as a rock and I looked down as i accidentally rubbed against her and left a big smear of pre-cum on her leg. Now she was moving a little more and making little noises so I spent a little more time between the vagina and butt hole even straying and circling both a little, but, only outside. I’m getting the kind of reaction that says she is ready so I move my face to just above the vagina and begin to lick. The smoothness of her skin, her fluids, her scent. I am in heaven and was seriously wondering if if i am just going to stand there and cum on her no hands or anything.She is so hot and so turned on, I’m thinking this girl has gone without really good sex way to long. She comes, but, I don’t move, I just keep going. I don’t remember if she came 2 or 3 times from here. I loved feeling her cumin right there on my tongue.

I ask her to turn over. I can’t tell for sure if I just zapped her energy or if she was hesitant. Could have been either so when she got turned over I replaced the drape towel (very necessary for modesty for someone who just came on your face). I went to her head and slipped a blind fold over her head. You can learn to feel so much more when you are not watching and she is less likely to be distracted or embarrassed. I do my standard neck massage. The nice thing about the mask is she can’t see me staring at her breasts. I’m licking my lips and I’m seriously afraid I’m going to drool on her. I’m also trying to make sure I don’t get any pre-cum in her hair. A little on the side of her cheek was very hot though and made me even more excited. I spread oil from her chest to her navel. Again, going kind of slow since this is the first visit; down the center and up the sides, sometimes a little side boob, sometimes straight over them. her nipples getting hard, and I can tell she is responding. There are not many things better than feeling her nipple getting hard against the palm of my hand from something I am doing. I stroke the underside of the breast from bottom to nipple with a thumb, lightly, and I circle the breast and do a basic breast exam, I kneed them and just pinch a little and tweak the nipple as I go by, and finally apply pressure to the breast after making it cone shaped in my hands. I can tell that her breasts are not the favorite part to be massaged so I move on. I move to the left ankle. Yeah, I could get a bolster for under her knees, but, oh hell no. I do pretty much the same thing on the fronts that I did on the back. A good massage, kneading right up to the top of the thigh, long strokes with my fingers straight so she gets a little teasing touch or maybe my finger opens her just a little. When I brush the clitoris I get a little shudder and a little moan if I do it a couple of times in a row. She has a small, very neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair just above the slit, just the perfect size. Her external parts (vulva for those in the know) are perfect, tight, beautifully colored, and smooth as a babies butt. With both legs off the table I now have her completely spread, but, not opened before me. It is all I can do to keep from diving in there head first. I’m leaving streaks of pre-cum everywhere. At this point I really have no idea where the towel is, but, I don’t think either of us cares. She is so wet. I know she is not finished yet so I get out the magic wand. I like the wand because it is powerful and very versatile. I put it on her clitoris and she cums almost instantly. I keep it there and insert a finger and she cums more. I insert two fingers and she cums again and again. I know for sure she is feeling things she has never experienced before. For a good portion of this time she had my dick in her grip and vacillated from squeezing to pumping to stroking. Sort of like we were kind of testing the waters on each other. It was all I could do not to cum on her right there on the table. I was having to count backwards. I don’t think she would have minded at all, but, I know good things happen to this who wait. I didn’t count and never would because this isn’t about me it is about her, but, I have no doubt that she came at least 10 times though. Not little fake ones, but, the full blown I can’t control myself ones. I don’t know if it was enough, but, I know she left a lot more satisfied than when she came in. I know some women don’t like to kiss, they save a little part for their husbands or boyfriends or what ever so I kissed a little around the neck and then her nipples. I could tell that she liked my kissing her nipples and afterward she told me she had never really liked that before, but, this time she did. Goes directly back to foreplay and the need to slowly build excitement. Made me kind of excited again.

We got dressed, met in the waiting room and set the next appointment. Usually once I have all of the boxes initialed and someones signature on the bottom line of the form then they don’t have to fill it out again. She had to fill out that form seven times over 10 weeks until she finally gave permission for everything, but, that’s another story.”

Watch me….

I slid my hands from my belly up my chest pretending that it was your lips trailing kisses and nibbles along my skin, circling my fingers around the full area over my breasts, finally taking a moment to pinch each nipple, twisting them until they were stiff with desire. Sliding my hands down my chest and belly again I drew my fingers through my slippery pussy lips, circling my clit, pressing it with my thumb. Looking up I see you there just watching me, stroking yourself, looking directly in your eyes I spread my legs wide and winked at you. I looked at you with greedy eyes. After a moment you moved over to the bed and sat down at the end, just watching, one hand around your hard cock stroking slowly. Sliding my two middle fingers over my wet slit then dipping inside my pussy, all the while watching your eyes smolder with barely restrained hunger. My hand putting constant pressure on my clit I was impatient with want and need, spreading my legs further so you could see everything, sliding my wet fingers out and around my clit, teasing it, circling it, teasing you within my movements. One hand pinching and twisting my nipples, my body writhing on the bed. Finally you couldn’t take anymore and plucked my hands away and pinned them in one of yours over my head. Capturing my lips with yours you devoured my entire mouth.

While the kiss continued your free hand found my left breast and circled the nipple several times before pinching it roughly. Lifting one leg over your shoulder you slid your cock into my drenched pussy in one hard stroke. Setting a hard fast pace you plunged in and out, our pelvic bones pressing together with each thrust. Harder and deeper, my hips meeting yours, until my orgasm stole over my entire body, muscles tightening around you. Pulling out, you flipped me over, still high on the waves of the orgasm you slid your cock through the wetness of my pussy lips then pressed it against my tight ass, and slip the head inside, slowly pressing forward until you were all the way inside. Then began a pounding rhythm, sliding in and out, I felt you tense behind me then the sensation of your hot cum landing on my ass cheeks. Cleaning me up and pulling me into your arms you kissed me long and deep and we laid there together feeling each other’s heartbeats.

The First Stop

Going through the things that were packed up for her to take home from her parent’s house Jenia paused when she ran across the old CB radio. Reminiscing for a moment about talking to all the voices over that radio as a young girl and how fun it was, she took the radio to her dining room table to set it up. Turning it on she sent out a message to anyone on that channel, “Come in, Sleazy Weasel on the line, anyone out there? Copy.”, then went about sorting and putting away the rest of the things from her parents house. After about thirty minutes a smooth, deep voice with a delicious southern accent came over the radio, “Hey there Sleazy Weasel this is Big Rooster coming back to ya.” So she began chatting back and forth to him over the next few weeks.
One day Jenia felt a bit daring and told Sam, Big Rooster, that she was going to be around Love’s in Nashville on the way to a family reunion that next Friday. When she got there that day she was admittedly a bit nervous. Standing there she adjusted her black pleated skirt, her red peplum shirt a stark contrast matched her red heels perfectly. She had taken care and left her hair pinned up for the drive but let it down to tumble in long auburn waves down the middle of her back. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her but didn’t turn when she heard a low voice, “My lord, you’re a pretty thing, looking for someone ma’am.” Whirling around after recognizing that voice she saw the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on, he was tall, brownish/blond hair, the greyest eyes, with muscles and tattoos. Leaning closer she whispered, “I found him.”
Leading him to the back of the building she led him to a storage type closet and pulled him inside. Once the door closed Sam grabbed her by her generous hips and pulled Jenia close to devour her mouth, nibbling on the corners, biting the tender flesh of her bottom lip, plundering her mouth with his tongue. Hands roaming the length of her back he grabbed her ass and lifted her up where she locked her legs around him. Trailing kisses, licks and bites down her neck he pushed her crossover shirt open and began licking her breasts, flicking first one nipple then the other with his tongue before biting each one until they were stiff with desire and soft moans were coming from Jenia’s throat. Her hands running through his hair, over his shoulders, his arms, she could barely focus through the haze of desire.
Reaching in between them Sam undid his pants and freed his swollen cock, sliding his hands up Jenia’s thighs he found no panties, her bare pussy already slick, clit throbbing and swollen. Fitting the tip against her he slid all the way in, flexing her hips Jenia matched every thrust from Sam’s hard cock. Pushing her against the wall Sam began pounding her hard, while she was begging him to do it harder. Jenia felt beginning low in her belly, her whole body tensing up, it crashed over her making her internal muscles tighten around Sam’s cock. With a loud groan he slammed into her one more time as his orgasm started, pulsing deep inside her. Standing like that for a minute Sam kept kissing her soft swollen lips, stroking his tongue along hers as they floated back to reality.
Straightening their clothes up, stealing kisses every chance, they readied themselves to leave the closet. Taking her hand Sam walked Jenia to her car, wrapping her in his arms he leaned in for another slow kiss. Pulling back he said in a growled whisper, “Let me know where the next stop is darlin.”, and walked back to his truck.

The Kitchen

I was in the kitchen, cooking supper, we were having creamy garlic pasta and sautéed basil shrimp. The pasta had just been put on to boil and the rest of the ingredients were waiting to be cooked. I had just put on my purple rubber dish gloves to wash the dishes that I had used to prep the food for dinner. As I turned to put the water on you came up behind me and slid your arms around me.

You swept your hand up my shoulder and along the column of my neck, you moved my hair over to the other side and tilted my head exposing my neck. Leaning down you started nibbling and kissing up my neck, biting the tender skin, I gasped with pleasure at the tiny amount of pain it caused.

Tilting my head back you captured my lips with yours and nipped at the corner of my mouth, traced my bottom lip with your tongue then fused our mouths together, tongues sliding along each other, tasting, caressing the inside of each other’s mouths.

Your hands slid down my arms and took each one of my gloved hands and placed them on the counter in front of me. Leaning to my ear, in that low voice that sounds like a sexy growl, say to me, “Don’t move your hands, love.” Your hands slid from my wrists, up my rib cage over my breasts, where you could feel my nipples hardened with desire against your palm. Your hands slip inside of my shirt and under the lace of my bra to caress my breasts and pinch the nipples.

Your hands move down again over my belly now, to caress the side of my hips, pulling me back into you. I can feel you, hard against my bottom. Your hands slide down to the edge of my skirt and slowly pulling it up, baring my skin. Caressing my bare thighs, sliding up to the lacy edge of my thong, you sucked in a breath when you saw they were your favorite purple ones. Hooking your thumbs in each side of the elastic you slide them down my legs just to my knees.

I feel you then, behind me, opening your pants, fitting the tip of your cock against my wet pussy you slide all the way in. You place your hands over mine, twining your fingers with mine, still in the rubber gloves. Setting a slow, deep rhythm, you pull in and out, my back arches to meet every thrust. As we get closer to the edge, the movements become harder and faster, then with one deep thrust my muscles tighten around you, squeezing your cock as it pulses inside me.

We rest for a few moments, with your forehead resting on the top of my head until our breathing returns to normal. I feel as you leave my body, the absence of you and I miss you already, pulling my thong back up and smoothing it over my hips then pulling my skirt back down. You nuzzle my neck, kiss my cheek and whisper in that sexy voice of yours “I love your purple dish gloves!”

Office Time


I walked into the “office” you were there, working on the computer, walking up silently behind you, I could see you were in the middle of something important. I didn’t disturb you, so you didn’t lose the energy of the moment, you were breathtaking to watch, your face a study in extreme concentration. When you stopped typing and pushed away from the keyboard I put my hands on your shoulders and started massaging the tense muscles, up your neck, to the back of your head, then back to your shoulders and down each arm. I took special care with your hands massaging the palm and each finger separately.

I walked around to the front of you then, and you saw that I was only wearing one of your button down shirts. Reaching for my hand you drew me between your legs, even with you sitting, I was not much taller, I tilted my head down and met your lips in a kiss, your tongue traced my bottom lip, my teeth, bit down on your top lip softly. Our tongues touched and caressed each other, exploring each others mouths. Your hands came up between us and started undoing the buttons on the shirt I was wearing, once it was opened all the way, you broke the kiss and parted the shirt to look at me. Your hands came up to caress my breasts, your fingers pinching my already hardened nipples.

You pulled me closer and closer your mouth over my left nipple, your hand never stopping the teasing of the right breast. After licking and sucking my nipple into a painful peak of pleasure you moved to take my right nipple into your mouth. You leaned back to look at my heavy breasts with their hard pink nipples. Your hand moved to touch the between the apex of my thighs, your finger sliding through the slick wetness between my legs. Your thumb unerringly found my throbbing clit and pressed while you slid two fingers into me. You were watching my face, the pleasure washing over it, my desire for you rising, reaching down with your other hand, you unfastened your pants and shimmied them down your thighs.

Urging me up over your legs, you withdrew your fingers and fit the tip of your hard cock to my slick wet opening. Driving up as I was pushing down, we joined, I had barely any leverage, so you were driving upwards into me in deep, hard strokes, your thumb rubbing my clit in circles. Faster and harder you plunged into me, my breathing was shallow, my moans of ecstasy becoming louder. I was right on the edge of orgasm, I leaned forward, to your neck and squeezed you with my internal muscles at the same time as I bit down on your neck, not too hard and not too soft. My orgasm spiked through me at the same time as I felt you grow tense beneath me at your hot cum spurting inside me.

Laying my head on your shoulder, I rested on you while your hands stroked up and down my back as we came down from our orgasmic high.