Belly Dancer

The lights were dim, soft, sensual music playing low in the background. You were sitting, relaxed in the recliner, across the room, I was there, my skirt flowing and see through, the top silky, tied behind my neck. Hips swaying, hands floating up, above my head, the way the light showed through the material you could see the shadowed outlines of my inner thighs, the curve of my calf. Wearing tiny bells on anklets there were soft jingles with each step I took towards you.

Sitting up and on the edge of the chair, as I shimmy my hips right in front of you, you reach out your hands and with a feather light touch slide them from the curve of my hips, over my waist, up my rib cage, palms whisper soft brushing over my nipples so you could reach around and untie the silky top. Letting it fall away from my breasts, you watch as they move with every swivel of my hips, letting your fingertips circle over the soft skin, making my nipples even harder by because of the look in your eye and that you purposely avoid touching them while you tease me.

Finally relenting the back of your knuckles brush over both nipples making me catch my breath and my belly tighten from the sensations. Leaning forward your tongue flicks across first one nipple then the next, stepping in between your legs, I move closer to bring my nipples closer to your mouth. Sliding your arms around me, your hands on my ass pulling me even closer, your lips close over my left nipple, teeth nipping and tongue swirling around it, my fingertips pressing into your shoulders as your mouth devours first one nipple, then the other.

Pulling me down, so I am straddling your lap, one hand on the back of my head the other caressing the curve of my back, you start nibbling my lips, tracing my bottom lip, before meshing our mouths together, tongues meeting and sliding against each other.  My arms over your shoulders, my fingertips caressing the back of your neck. Sliding both your hands to my ass you start pulling the edge of my skirt up until it’s around my waist, my bare bottom half exposed to your fingers. I can feel your cock hard beneath me, I start rubbing wet pussy and clit against it. Mouths still together, my nipples rubbing against your chest, your hands squeezing and caressing my ass, all of the sudden you deliver a sharp smack against the right cheek. Pausing the kiss long enough to whisper against my lips, “Ride me baby.”

Lifting my hips to fit us together I slide all the way down onto your cock, legs muscles working, swiveling my hips to slide up and down on you. Your hands gripping my hips, helping me, guiding me, smacking my ass every time our hips meet. I can feel my body tensing with orgasm, tightening around you, right on the edge of falling into ecstasy. Your hands, gripping my ass tight, your hips rising up, slamming into mine every time I slide down, I feel you tense under me, my orgasm triggered by yours.

After a minute or two, I lay my head on your shoulder, your hand stroking softly up and down my back as we recharge, together.


Office Time


I walked into the “office” you were there, working on the computer, walking up silently behind you, I could see you were in the middle of something important. I didn’t disturb you, so you didn’t lose the energy of the moment, you were breathtaking to watch, your face a study in extreme concentration. When you stopped typing and pushed away from the keyboard I put my hands on your shoulders and started massaging the tense muscles, up your neck, to the back of your head, then back to your shoulders and down each arm. I took special care with your hands massaging the palm and each finger separately.

I walked around to the front of you then, and you saw that I was only wearing one of your button down shirts. Reaching for my hand you drew me between your legs, even with you sitting, I was not much taller, I tilted my head down and met your lips in a kiss, your tongue traced my bottom lip, my teeth, bit down on your top lip softly. Our tongues touched and caressed each other, exploring each others mouths. Your hands came up between us and started undoing the buttons on the shirt I was wearing, once it was opened all the way, you broke the kiss and parted the shirt to look at me. Your hands came up to caress my breasts, your fingers pinching my already hardened nipples.

You pulled me closer and closer your mouth over my left nipple, your hand never stopping the teasing of the right breast. After licking and sucking my nipple into a painful peak of pleasure you moved to take my right nipple into your mouth. You leaned back to look at my heavy breasts with their hard pink nipples. Your hand moved to touch the between the apex of my thighs, your finger sliding through the slick wetness between my legs. Your thumb unerringly found my throbbing clit and pressed while you slid two fingers into me. You were watching my face, the pleasure washing over it, my desire for you rising, reaching down with your other hand, you unfastened your pants and shimmied them down your thighs.

Urging me up over your legs, you withdrew your fingers and fit the tip of your hard cock to my slick wet opening. Driving up as I was pushing down, we joined, I had barely any leverage, so you were driving upwards into me in deep, hard strokes, your thumb rubbing my clit in circles. Faster and harder you plunged into me, my breathing was shallow, my moans of ecstasy becoming louder. I was right on the edge of orgasm, I leaned forward, to your neck and squeezed you with my internal muscles at the same time as I bit down on your neck, not too hard and not too soft. My orgasm spiked through me at the same time as I felt you grow tense beneath me at your hot cum spurting inside me.

Laying my head on your shoulder, I rested on you while your hands stroked up and down my back as we came down from our orgasmic high.

The Hike

The weather was extraordinarily nice so we decided to go for a walk up the mountain park and take a picnic.  You had collected the blanket to have our lunch on and I packed the food. The trail was an easier one so we were walking together, holding hands. Your thumb was caressing the side of my hand. I was looking at you, as we walked, my heart beating a little faster just from that. I was remembering when we first met, on this very same trail a year before, I had been out walking and stumbled over a loose rock, like a romance novel hero, you came to my rescue. We exchanged numbers and couldn’t stay away from each other.

We reached our favorite picnic spot, a secluded grassy area in the middle of the trees next to the lake. You spread the blanket and I started taking out the food, strawberries, whipped cream, cherry halves, chocolate sauce. Watching me take out the “food” your eyes darkened and you looked at me, lifting one eyebrow in question and I just smiled at you. That was all the answer you needed. Crossing over to me you took me in your arms, tilting my head back you kissed me, long and thoroughly, until you had quite stolen my breath away. Stepping back you took my shirt by the hem and pulled it up and off, my skin exposed to the air except my lacy bra. Reaching around you opened my bra and slid it down my shoulders letting my breasts spill free. Leaning down you flicked your tongue over both nipples before continuing my disrobing. Next you undid my shorts and pushed them over my hips until they fell to the floor, leaving my in only a tiny black lace thong, hooking your fingers through the elastic you slid those down my hips and legs until I was standing in front of you fully naked and exposed. Then you pulled your shirt off and tossed it aside, you said to me “Come, take off my shorts”. Stepping forward I undid the button on your shorts and slid the zipper down until they were loose enough to fall to the ground. You were wearing purple silk boxers, entirely sexy on you, I slipped my hand inside to push them off of your hips and brushed against your hard cock on the way down.

Laying down on the blanket you began to decorate me with your afternoon snack. Cherry halves over each nipple, some whipped cream around each breast, a strawberry in the dip of my navel and a line of chocolate sauce down the center of my chest. Leaning over me you captured my lips in a kiss, nipping at the corner of my mouth, teasing my lips with your tongue, my tongue met yours and our mouths fused together. Then you began kissing your way down my next, nipping and biting softly, reaching the swell of my left breast you slid your tongue through the whipped cream and the sensation was amazing with the cool cream and your hot tongue. Swirling your tongue and sucking gently on the skin all the way around the entire breast you licked all the whipped cream off. I was panting, the heat, and your touch, made me want more. My hands were caressing your arms, up your shoulders, through your hair, I was watching you with a heated look in my eyes, every time our eyes met there was a spark, something I could feel deep in my core because your arousal matched my own. You moved to my right breast and gave it the same attention, licking and sucking off all the whipped cream, my breasts were heavy with arousal. My body was already on fire with the need to feel your touch, my hands restless on your shoulders, you leaned then and took the left nipple in your mouth and bit down a bit, removing the cherry and sending tingles of pleasure through my body, then you did the same to my right nipple and desire tore through me. Your wicked tongue started flicking back and forth over my chest licking the chocolate sauce, nipping, biting along your way down. When you reached my navel, you licked around the entire area before putting your mouth over the strawberry and biting it, the juice dripped onto my skin and you slid your tongue across the juice licking up all the drops.

You kissed me again, and I could taste the cherry, the whipped cream and the strawberry on your tongue, you claimed my entire mouth, devouring me as if I was your last breath. Rising up and looking at me, with your eyes, lit with desire, you told me in that low sexy voice that makes me shiver every time, “Hold on to me chérie.” Moving up over me, fitting yourself in the cradle of my legs you slid into my wet heat until we were as one. You moved one of my legs over your shoulder, and pulled almost all the way out and then slid all the way back in, the friction was delicious. My hands were smoothing over your chest, over your shoulders, running my nails over your back. You moved faster, harder, I could feel my orgasm building deep inside, you flexed your hips, moved them in a circle, it pushed me over the edge and my muscles were squeezing around you as we came together. Letting my leg down, you leaned over me on your elbows bracketing each side of my head and kissed me, deeply and slowly.