Soapy daydreams

She was standing with her eyes closed, under the hot spray of the shower letting the water rinse away the stress of the day. Remembering the last time that they were together her mind began to wander. She felt him behind her, his hands sliding over her shoulders, spreading soapy suds over her neck, collarbones, shoulders.

He began swirling his fingertips around just the lower swell of her breasts, over the sides, the skin just above her nipples making her squirm in anticipation. Finally his fingertips flicked over her nipples, circling, pinching them lightly, rolling then into stiff peaks. She shivered and moaned at the sensations he was creating in her.

His hands slid down over her belly, gliding along her hipbones, over her hips, up the inside of her thighs, grazing ever so lightly the very outside of her soft lips. Fingertips trailing up over her mound, teasing the softness. Her legs parted in anticipation, waiting for the fist touch of his fingertips on her clit.

She opened her eyes and the daydream dissipated like so much mist. He was still there and she still here, but she couldn’t wait until it was her reality again.


Shower adjustment

We were in the shower together after work, our normal ritual to cleanse the stress of the day away, but you could sense that I was off, a bit edgy. You knew exactly what I needed.

Grabbing the softly scented body wash you knew relaxed me you slid your slick, soapy hands over my shoulders, down my back, over my ass, all the way down, then worked your way back up to circle over my breasts, pinching and rolling each nipple.

Rinsing my skin, you kissed my right shoulder, slid your hand down my arm and took my hand to place it against the wall in front of me, then repeated the process with my left hand, tilting me just a bit to the side you put your arm around my waist so my back was fully arched, both wet cheeks in perfect position.

Then the spanks began, quick, firm, and stinging against my skin, you gave me a very thorough spanking over the next minute. Just until you heard my breathing hitch, my hips arch even more, then your fingers unerringly found my clit, circling it with your wet fingers until I was moaning and begging for more.

Then you shut off the shower, got us out, to bend me over the edge of the bed and fuck me hard from behind until I melted around you so you could pump your release into me.

And that was just the beginning…

She gave herself

It was one of those days, the kind where nothing really went wrong but nothing went right either. Walking in his front door, mentally drained from the day he immediately smelled vanilla and sugar. He knew, just from the scent that she was there.

Walking to the back of the house and into his room he saw her there, kneeling, resting on her heels, her hair loose, cascading down her back, the ends just teasing the top curve of her ass. Walking around her, he took notice of her hands resting palm up on her thighs, her breasts, her bare pussy. She kept her eyes downcast, he liked that about her, she was his equal in every day life, but offered her submission freely.

Going to take a quick shower he could still see the vision of her kneeling, waiting for him, his decision. Drying off quickly he walked back to the room, she was exactly as he left her. He heard her breath catch as she heard him open the cabinet where he kept his ropes.

Trailing one end up along her thigh, over her pussy then up and over the skin between her breasts, he said in the low, quiet voice he knew she loved, “Let’s get you decorated little one”, and watched as goosebumps raised on her skin….

Tantric Massage – Revisited

My friend visited the masseuse again, it’s even better than the last time.

The masseuse meets me at the door, I come inside the room and undress, as he undresses at the same time. We usually chat a little while I’m first laying down and then go silent. We ended up talking almost the entire time. He did a lot of work on my back but when he got to my legs it was more play than massage.

He does both legs rather quickly and touching my vagina a lot more than usual. He’s obviously missed our time together as it’s been 3 weeks since last time. He begins massaging me in between my ass and vagina and I start breathing heavy, so he keeps going and I involuntarily begin moving and drawing up. He circles his finger around my vagina and that’s it, I have my first orgasm, not super heavy but an orgasm. He keeps going and they get a little stronger and I have a couple more. He then asks me to turnover. I lay for a few seconds while I compose myself, then I turn over.

He gets right to my chest and breasts. I still keep my eyes closed because I’m still not that comfortable to stare while not being aroused. I’m ready and responding much easier and quicker as he massages my breasts and it’s relaxing and erotic at the same time. He skips my arms and moves to my legs. I honestly don’t remember him massaging them much as it was more vagina and him running one hand from my legs up and the other above my vagina, like between it and my belly button, working both to come together at the same time. I’m squirming, I’m so ready.

I can hear it’s on the ‘low’ setting, which is still stronger than most toys. I’m looking at him grin as he puts it on my clit. It’s obvious he’s making me orgasm as much as possible with as little touch as possible. The first time I saw him, I only orgasmed with a lot of stimulation, fingering and full blast wand. So I’ve definitely gotten much more in tune with my body in the months since then.

He puts it on my clit and my body has already orgasmed mildly 5-6 times. I’m already super worked up; my body is ready to squirt, just waiting for the right stimulation. I reach for his hard cock, it’s just out of reach, but he scoots closer as he realizes that’s what I want. He wants it to, as he’s brushed it against me a few times and I know he wants me to touch him and I love how it feels in my hand.

I’m almost immediately drawing my back up and supporting myself with my left arm as I grab him tighter with my right hand. I love looking at his hand holding the wand on my clit and at his face. It doesn’t take long before I’m orgasming harder, still not squirting as I’m still trying to control myself. I’m not ready to lose it yet.

I don’t know why I hold back; but it’s kind of my natural reaction. Maybe because I know he’s going to make me squirt and he won’t stop until my body tells him I’m done? He keeps going, even though I’ve orgasmed several times now. He’s still just using the wand on low speed and not fingering me or anything else, he wants me to squirt without the extra stimulation and he knows my body is capable and will do it, he’s been teaching me to control my body and listen to what it wants and he knows I’m ready.

I had laid back down after the first orgasm with the wand, catching my breath; but still gripping his hard cock. He’s still doing the wand and I get about a 5 second breather before I’m back pulling up and starting to lightly squirt with the next wave of orgasms.

His face changes to show even more pleasure as he stares at my face and then my vagina. His free hand is moving up and down my leg and then up to my breasts. Pinching my nipples and then moving swiftly down to my legs. I’m alternating between watching him and looking at my vagina as I’m building up again. I start orgasming harder, clenching my legs together as he fights to keep the wand on my clit so I can let go. I’m squirting, heavier than last time but not the hardest I have. I’m still not letting completely go and he knows it and keeps going. I start having another orgasm and I release his cock, as I grip the edges of the massage table, it’s getting harder to hold on and I’m out of breath. I’m about to squirt hard and he senses that and starts fingering me. It feels so good to have fingers inside me, it’s been too long since I saw him last and he’s the only one that does that to me.

It’s coming out and I’m powerless to stop it now, he and I both know that. I’m drawn up on my elbows and panting trying to catch my breath, pulling my legs together and squirming hard as my body releases. I’m squirting a lot, more than I expected.

He then starts fingering my asshole and that’s it, no holding back, I’m gushing and it’s splattering all over his hands & arms and my thighs are getting soaked. As I explode, I’m holding my breath, as I always do, I can’t breathe if I wanted to. It’s so intense and his face tells me he is loving every second of this. I squirt over and over as he more aggressively fingers my ass. He then uses the hand that is holding the wand at full speed and somehow manages to do that and use his thumb and finger to massage my clit right under where the wand is being held, while still fingering my ass. This is the last straw for me. I’m exploding and soaking everything. Not only can I see it coming out rapidly, I can hear it hitting the wand. It’s so intense, I can’t breathe as it comes out. I’m so winded and feeling like I might pass out because it’s that intense. I squirt and recover for a few seconds and then go again. I can feel the warmth pouring out of me. I orgasm and squirt repeatedly. I feel like I need a break but I also know I have more in me and don’t ask for one. My legs are covered with droplets of my juices and the table is saturated. I’m not feeling self conscious like I used to, because it’s obvious this is what he wants.

He begins rubbing his hands up my body as he pulls himself above me. I’m beyond ready for penetration, to feel his hard cock in me. He teases me with the tip for a few seconds and then moans lightly as he pushes his hardness into me. I can’t help it, I’m cumming again. He has to press hard and firm into me to maintain his place inside me as my vagina squeezes and pushes his cock repeatedly. He is enjoying this and I am too.

He then starts fucking me; but not super fast or hard. He doesn’t want to cum too quickly and is pacing himself. He keeps going as I build up again, I start orgasming again, then I lay down and my head is tilted back.

He keeps going and I start building again, he’s close too. I’m grabbing his butt tightly as I’m climaxing again. He starts cumming inside me. It feels so good, he moans and I watch his face for the first time as he orgasms. It’s so sexy and I cum one more time. I lay back gasping for air and he leans onto me, my head is tilted back as I try to regain composure. He starts kissing my neck. He then says that I’m not allowed to miss two weeks again.

Hot Tub Love

It was late one Friday night when we decided to go in the hot tub. You had gone out ahead of me to uncover the hot tub and put the towels out for us to use when we were done. After you had everything set up you took off your clothes and slipped into the hot water.

A few moments later I came out wearing a calf length purple robe, I stopped by the deck chair and untied the sash on my robe, I slid it off my shoulders and let it pool at my feet. I stood for a moment naked in front of you, while you gazed at me from under hooded lids.

I stepped into the jacuzzi and settled on the seat next to you. You lifted your arm and I slid under to press against your side. My breasts pressed against the side of your rib cage. My left leg was draped over both of your legs

Your hand was caressing my leg, then slid up to slide through the slippery folds at the juncture of my thighs, then trailed up my belly and rib cage to caress my breasts. Circling my nipples, pinching, rubbing them until there were hard points of desire.

My hands were trailing over your shoulders, down your back, up your neck. You leaned towards me and nipped at my bottom lip, then licked it a bit, then you started kissing me, making love to my mouth with yours, our tongues, sliding together caressing each other. Our hearts beating faster, together, my body was hotter than the water and burning for you, my core was liquid with desire. My hand brushed over your hardness, sliding along the length, caressing softly.

It was more than you could handle and you slid me over, sitting on top of you, but still facing away. Guiding yourself to my entrance, you fit yourself against my slick opening and I slid down the length until my bottom was pressed against your springy curls.

Using my thighs I started sliding slowly up and down, one of your hands was fondling my breasts and nipples, the other hand you had your thumb, circling and pressing against my rosebud, teasing, making me gasp with pleasure.

Placing your hands on my hips you started guiding me, the speed, the power behind each plunge of you inside me, the depth. Faster….harder…deeper… I felt the heat and the flush of my body getting ready to orgasm, your thighs tense under me. Using my internal muscles. I squeezed you, the extra friction pushed me over the edge and my orgasm stole over me, triggering your own orgasm.  You pressed hard and deep into me and I could feel you pulsing inside me.

We sat like that for awhile, me leaning back against your chest. Your hand idly caressing my rib cage..