Tantric Massage

This is a story that was told to me by a friend, it deserves to be shared. You’ll find yourself searching out a place for these as well at the end.

“So I was totally gonna have an affair with a twit guy before I realized that Twit was a big sex scene… long story short it didn’t happen and I was beyond sexually frustrated. I went looking and found an advertisement for tantric massage, first one free, no reciprocation required and in a professional office, so low risk for me. I arrive at my massage appointment a few minutes early, as usual as I hate being late. He gives me a clipboard with a piece of paper to fill out. It goes over things I’m willing and not willing to have done to me. It goes from do I want a sheet covering me or nothing at all. The first time I choose coverage of butt and vagina. I’ve never met this man and I’m not sure. I check no sex as well. He greets me in scrubs and is extremely professional and I’m wondering how in the world this is the man I spoke to via email. I complete the paperwork and he directs me to the back room. He shows me the massage table the hand towel to cover my bottom with and instructs me to lay face down. I’ve also indicated I’m ok with him being nude while giving me the message. He leaves and closes the door. I quickly undress and lay face down and try to drape the small towel over my ass. I’m nervous and wondering what the hell I’m doing here…. too late I’m here and I’m going to follow through. He comes in and I can hear him as he removes his scrubs, he comes to the top of my head and starts small talking me as he warms massage oil in his hands. I can hear him warming it in his hands and I’m answering his simple questions and relaxing a little as I realize it’s going to be okay. He starts at my neck and with both hands makes long motions on each side of my spine sweeping down in one movement from my neck to right above my buttocks and then moving to each side of my body up again. He repeats this several times as my body relaxes. He then starts a slower more deep massage down each side of my back, this time he brushes gently on top of each of my butt cheeks and then just as quick as he touched them he’s back moving up my back. It’s almost like an accident but it’s not and he and I both know it.. He keeps doing that and then leans deep over me, my hands are resting above my head and I can feel his hard cock pressing into my hands. I can tell he’s as turned on as me; but being that I don’t know him, I’m scared to move. He rubs up and down several times. He works on my back and then my neck, clutching it lightly between his hands. I know he’s testing if I’m sensitive to hands around my neck, I am not. I like it and I can feel myself getting wet as he does it. He’s skilled at getting me excited but not too excited. He finishes my back and moves to my left leg. He gently pulls it open so my foot is slightly hanging off the edge of the massage table. I can hear him rubbing more oil in his hands, warming it up before he touches me. He starts with swift up and down motions, stopping mud inner thigh and then swooping down to my ankle. He does that several times and then starts doing a two hand in opposite side of each other motion starting at my ankle and moving up. He’s going fast yet slow. He reaches my inner thigh, where most masseuses stop and he keeps going. He’s fast but he’s also rubbing and touching my vagina intentionally, he grabs lightly and let’s go. I’m wet and wanting more but I’d never tell him that. He gets to my glutes and stops, working his way down. He gets to my ankle and stops, he moves to my right leg, gently pulling it off the table as well, while the towel is ‘covering me’ it’s covering nothing. He starts with the long sweeping motions, then repeats the two hand motions and finishes the same. He stops and I have no idea what is next. The next thing I know his face is upside down between my legs. He’s eating me out and I’m so worked up I start orgasming and moaning, cumming in his mouth. I can hear his groans and feel him and he’s loving that he’s made me feel this way. After I calm down a bit he asks if I would like to turn over, I am back to oh shit what have I done because nothing covering my breasts and holy shit a man I don’t know just made me cum. I comply and turn over though because that’s what’s next. I close my eyes as I’m embarrassed and can’t bear to look at him. I have no idea what is next but I’m ready. I hear him once again warming lotion in his hands. Then I feel his hands once again on each side of my neck swooping down, between my breasts to the top of my pelvis and then back up on each side of my body. He does this several times, never going too low. He’s breathing heavier than when we started and I know why. He then grips my left breast with both hands and does a twisting and massage motion, then pushes down, he alternates clockwise and counter clockwise. I’ve never had this down and it’s relaxing yet erotic. He moves to my right breast and repeats. I’m dripping wet at this point. He stops and moves back to my legs, I’m nervous as can be; but I’m wanting more. He starts at my right leg and moves up, brushing my vagina each time but still done in a way that it’s not the intended target. He doesn’t massage too long and then moves to my left leg repeating. I’m soaked and wanting so much more; but I’ll never ask. He finishes, my eyes are still closed and I’m not sure if this is the end or if there’s more. I hear him moving at the top of my head, he asks me to lift my head up Slightly and I do, eyes still closed. I feel him putting something on my head. He’s blindfolded me, wow, I didn’t expect this. I’ve never been blindfolded but it’s liberating, not worrying about if I should open or close my eyes, it’s decided. I hear a vibration next and then feel him place it on my clitoris. This is my first visit and I’m still nervous and uptight. He’s going slow with it but soon realizes I haven’t been taught to feel the small things. He speeds it up and I start feeling my normal orgasms. I start my usual quiet moaning and panting, he lets me have a couple of my typical orgasms then he turns it off. I hear him move to the end of the table. He grabs my ankles and pushes my legs up as he gets on the table with me, he’s kissing and licking his way up my right thigh. I’m quivering. He comes up and puts my clitoris in his lips, sucking it between his teeth and I can’t control myself anymore, I’m clamping my legs on his head, he pushes two fingers inside me and that’s it, I’m orgasming and still trying to hold it in and not lose control but he knows I’m going to… I’m the only one who thinks I had control in the first place. He lets those waves crash over me and then gets back off the table, he leans over and sucks and pulls on my nipples. I’ve never liked my nipples being touched prior but I’m totally turned on now and want more. He gives it to me, I hear the vibrator again and can tell it’s not on slow motion. He knows what’s about to happen I don’t yet, I have yet to realize what my body is capable of. He puts it on my clitoris, I’m in my instant normal orgasm, I’m reaching and arching my back. I find his hard cock and grab a hold with my right hand as he makes me cum. This time I feel I’m getting wet all over, he’s still just using the vibrator. This is so much more powerful and intense than anything I’ve felt. As I’m pulling up, yelling without abandon now, when I think it can’t get any more intense. He begins massaging my clit with his thumb and pushes two fingers inside me. I lose the little bit of control I had left, I’m shaking, clenching and un-clenching my legs, screaming out “Oh MY God” and I feel the release leaving my body. I’m wet all over and I can feel it shooting out, this has never happened and I’m not sure what is going on but I don’t care. As I thrash about my blindfold comes off, he’s staring at me a devilish sexy look on his face as I squirt and keep squirting. I didn’t even know an orgasm like this was possible, he can tell this has never happened before and it excites him more. He keeps going even though I’m feeling like I have nothing left. I do and just don’t know it; but he knows. He doesn’t stop until he’s satisfied that I’ve released it all. Once I have and lay back breathless he leaves and returns with a water. I’m lying in a soaked mess but manage to pull and grab it, he’s thankfully opened it for me because I’m bit sure I could. He smirks as he watches me try to catch my breath and he returns to his clothes to begin to dress. I can’t even look up, other than take a drink. He comes over and strokes my hair slightly and tells me to take all the time I need and that he’ll be up front. He leaves and closes the door. I sit regaining myself for a few minutes, then get dressed. I check the mirror and walk out, he’s back to professional in scrubs (he’s a nurse after all) and all is back to professional. He asks to schedule my next appointment, which I happily do and I leave.”