Connections, Love, and Forever

I’ve long thought about “soulmates” and I believe one hundred percent that they exist. It is a person that you feel an immediate connection with regardless of where you meet. It is a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in ways that you have never experienced or thought of before. With that connection if allowed to progress and grow, you develop a love so deep, strong and complex that you begin to doubt that you’ve ever loved anyone before that.

That being said, even with that type of mental, emotional and even physical connection, relationships take effort. The best relationships are built upon the little every day things that you do for and with the one you love. It’s holding hands, just because, it’s setting up the coffee for them so they don’t have to in the morning, in all the little gestures that add up over time.

Society has begun teaching us that we need to hide our feelings, to not show “weakness” by telling someone how you feel and more importantly showing them how you feel. I call bullshit on that, the way to keep your relationship alive and your love strong is by telling and showing your partner how much they mean to you at every given opportunity.

If you find your soulmate, Do everything you can to hold them close, both physically and emotionally.


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