The First Stop

Going through the things that were packed up for her to take home from her parent’s house Jenia paused when she ran across the old CB radio. Reminiscing for a moment about talking to all the voices over that radio as a young girl and how fun it was, she took the radio to her dining room table to set it up. Turning it on she sent out a message to anyone on that channel, “Come in, Sleazy Weasel on the line, anyone out there? Copy.”, then went about sorting and putting away the rest of the things from her parents house. After about thirty minutes a smooth, deep voice with a delicious southern accent came over the radio, “Hey there Sleazy Weasel this is Big Rooster coming back to ya.” So she began chatting back and forth to him over the next few weeks.
One day Jenia felt a bit daring and told Sam, Big Rooster, that she was going to be around Love’s in Nashville on the way to a family reunion that next Friday. When she got there that day she was admittedly a bit nervous. Standing there she adjusted her black pleated skirt, her red peplum shirt a stark contrast matched her red heels perfectly. She had taken care and left her hair pinned up for the drive but let it down to tumble in long auburn waves down the middle of her back. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her but didn’t turn when she heard a low voice, “My lord, you’re a pretty thing, looking for someone ma’am.” Whirling around after recognizing that voice she saw the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on, he was tall, brownish/blond hair, the greyest eyes, with muscles and tattoos. Leaning closer she whispered, “I found him.”
Leading him to the back of the building she led him to a storage type closet and pulled him inside. Once the door closed Sam grabbed her by her generous hips and pulled Jenia close to devour her mouth, nibbling on the corners, biting the tender flesh of her bottom lip, plundering her mouth with his tongue. Hands roaming the length of her back he grabbed her ass and lifted her up where she locked her legs around him. Trailing kisses, licks and bites down her neck he pushed her crossover shirt open and began licking her breasts, flicking first one nipple then the other with his tongue before biting each one until they were stiff with desire and soft moans were coming from Jenia’s throat. Her hands running through his hair, over his shoulders, his arms, she could barely focus through the haze of desire.
Reaching in between them Sam undid his pants and freed his swollen cock, sliding his hands up Jenia’s thighs he found no panties, her bare pussy already slick, clit throbbing and swollen. Fitting the tip against her he slid all the way in, flexing her hips Jenia matched every thrust from Sam’s hard cock. Pushing her against the wall Sam began pounding her hard, while she was begging him to do it harder. Jenia felt beginning low in her belly, her whole body tensing up, it crashed over her making her internal muscles tighten around Sam’s cock. With a loud groan he slammed into her one more time as his orgasm started, pulsing deep inside her. Standing like that for a minute Sam kept kissing her soft swollen lips, stroking his tongue along hers as they floated back to reality.
Straightening their clothes up, stealing kisses every chance, they readied themselves to leave the closet. Taking her hand Sam walked Jenia to her car, wrapping her in his arms he leaned in for another slow kiss. Pulling back he said in a growled whisper, “Let me know where the next stop is darlin.”, and walked back to his truck.


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