Clean loving

I had the water on, hot and steamy, by the time you got into the bathroom I was standing fully nude, nipples hard with anticipation. Your breath caught as you closed the door. I walked to you, to help you take off your clothes, I stood on my tiptoes to kiss your lips, as I undid your shorts and let them fall to the floor, next your shirt came off and landed on the floor next to your shirt, finally your boxers landed on the pile of clothes. I took your hand to lead you to the shower and already you were hard and ready to be loved. Standing together under the hot spray we let the water wash over us, I washed your chest as you washed my hair. Taking the body wash we washed each other, your hands soapy and hot smoothing over my breasts, my hands kneading your back and the tight muscles in your ass. Our lips coming together in a kiss, tongues dancing together, we let the water rinse all the soap from our bodies. Shutting off the shower we wrapped in towels and went to the bed. My towel slipped down while I was walking and you were watching the curve of my hip and the upper swell of my ass as I walked across the room. When I reached the bed, you stopped me there, and turned me to face you, you lifted me up to the edge of the bed and spread my legs to stand in between them. Taking the edges of my towel you pulled it free and exposed me to your gaze. Watching your face, your eyes turned to liquid fire, which made me catch my breath, your arousal was a thing of beauty, wild with passion barely contained. Your hands reached out to caress my breasts which were heavy and flushed with desire. Your fingertips brushed my hardened nipples making me gasp with pleasure, trailing your fingertips down my belly to my slippery folds you found my clit already pulsing and me totally wet and ready for you.Dropping your towel you pulled my legs towards you until I was at the edge of the bed, my feet over your shoulders, you fit yourself at my entrance and slid all the way in, your thumb pressing down on my clit, you plunged in and out of my hot depths. Increasing the pressure on my clit, and moving harder and faster you pushed me over the edge and my orgasm stole over my body and I was chanting your name over and over, at the same time as I felt you pulsing inside me with your release and you groaned with satisfaction.


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