I came to you, I could see you were having no luck at sleeping. I stood at the foot of the bed, you were watching me, I slipped my shirt over my head, then reached around to unhook my bra, freeing my breasts to your gaze. I could feel your heated stare and my nipples hardened with desire. I slipped off my leggings, then hooking a finger in each side if my thong, I slid those off too, baring myself to you. I climbed up on the bed and crawled up to you, I slid under the covers with you, and pressed myself against your already naked body.

Turning your head, you captured my lips in a kiss, which started, tender with nips at my lips then turned scorching hot where you were devouring my mouth, plunging your tongue inside, commanding and dominating the kiss. Your hands were caressing my breasts, pinching and rubbing the nipples, I was wantonly pressing them into your hands for more attention. You pulled me on top of you, so you could have better access to my breasts, leaning over you I put one breast near your mouth and your tongue flicked out to lick the nipple and then you sucked it into your mouth. Desire spiked through me. You moved to the other breast and licked and sucked that nipple.

My body was on fire, I needed to feel you inside me. Reaching behind me I grasped your hard, swollen penis, fit the tip against my wet pussy and slid all the way down. Moving to my toes, much like a ballet dancer, I began sliding up and down on your hard cock, my breasts displayed to you and swaying with each movement.

Your hands, they reached out to hold each hip, guiding, helping, feeling the rhythm. I can tell, it’s not going to last, the feel of you inside me is like fire, my orgasm starts, deep inside, my legs, quivering, my core liquefying, my muscles start to tense around you, that causes you to fall over the edge into ecstasy with me.

I moved, laid on top of you, resting, feeling our hearts beat together and calm.  You turned to the side then, and we were laying face to face, you kissed me, softly, tenderly. My fingers started massaging your head, until you fell asleep, with me in your arms.


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