The Corner

I happened to walk into the living room and you were standing in the corner (Ok, fine you were changing a light bulb but that’s neither here nor there) I decided to use that fact to my advantage and walked up behind you and pressed myself along your back, molding my hands against your bottom and kneading the tight muscles there for a moment (Which was such an odd contrast since I stand all of 5’3” tall). I whispered to you, “Have you been a naughty man today?”

With a sharp intake of breath you ask, “What if I was?” Leaning, you brace your hands against the wall, I slide around to your front, between you and the wall and say, “Now you’ll have to be punished, don’t take your hands off the wall!”

Starting with the top button of your shirt I undid each one and licked, nibbled and kissed each new area of exposed skin. Once it was opened all the way I slide your shirt off your shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I pause for a moment to look at you because your body, it is fabulous and I can’t believe I get to touch it. Standing on my tiptoes I kiss the corner of your mouth, nibble your bottom lip, I lick your top lip, then I slip my tongue in your mouth, your tongue, it meets mine, we taste each other. I can feel your heart racing where my palms are pressed against your chest for balance.

Reaching down, I undo your pants and let them slide down your legs, then I slide your boxers down  my thumbs graze over the length of your hardness. Dropping to my knees, I take a moment to caress the silken steel of your cock. I start licking, from the base all the way to the tip, flicking my tongue back and forth. I can see your thigh muscles tense as I continue licking and nibbling along your shaft. Then, I slip my lips over the tip and slide my mouth all the way to the bottom, you can feel the back of my throat, then I swallow, you groan and flex your fingers against the wall. Then I start sliding my mouth up and down your cock, flicking my tongue over the vein, one hand comes up to fondle and caress your balls and the other reaches around to grab one firm, sexy ass cheek. I can feel how tense you are, your muscles bunched, your head thrown back, and your groans. I quicken the rhythm and swallow every time you touch the back of my throat, you start chanting over and over “Yes, yes, yes, yes…” I feel your whole body tense, then you growl loudly and flex your hips into my face and your hot cum spurts into my mouth, as a swallow to keep the pressure and pleasure peaking for you.

After you’ve finished and can speak again, you say “I want to eat you, now!”, as I stand and lick my lips, I kiss your cheek and say “Naughty men have to wait till dinner.” And I go to take a shower.


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