Hot Tub Love

It was late one Friday night when we decided to go in the hot tub. You had gone out ahead of me to uncover the hot tub and put the towels out for us to use when we were done. After you had everything set up you took off your clothes and slipped into the hot water.

A few moments later I came out wearing a calf length purple robe, I stopped by the deck chair and untied the sash on my robe, I slid it off my shoulders and let it pool at my feet. I stood for a moment naked in front of you, while you gazed at me from under hooded lids.

I stepped into the jacuzzi and settled on the seat next to you. You lifted your arm and I slid under to press against your side. My breasts pressed against the side of your rib cage. My left leg was draped over both of your legs

Your hand was caressing my leg, then slid up to slide through the slippery folds at the juncture of my thighs, then trailed up my belly and rib cage to caress my breasts. Circling my nipples, pinching, rubbing them until there were hard points of desire.

My hands were trailing over your shoulders, down your back, up your neck. You leaned towards me and nipped at my bottom lip, then licked it a bit, then you started kissing me, making love to my mouth with yours, our tongues, sliding together caressing each other. Our hearts beating faster, together, my body was hotter than the water and burning for you, my core was liquid with desire. My hand brushed over your hardness, sliding along the length, caressing softly.

It was more than you could handle and you slid me over, sitting on top of you, but still facing away. Guiding yourself to my entrance, you fit yourself against my slick opening and I slid down the length until my bottom was pressed against your springy curls.

Using my thighs I started sliding slowly up and down, one of your hands was fondling my breasts and nipples, the other hand you had your thumb, circling and pressing against my rosebud, teasing, making me gasp with pleasure.

Placing your hands on my hips you started guiding me, the speed, the power behind each plunge of you inside me, the depth. Faster….harder…deeper… I felt the heat and the flush of my body getting ready to orgasm, your thighs tense under me. Using my internal muscles. I squeezed you, the extra friction pushed me over the edge and my orgasm stole over me, triggering your own orgasm.  You pressed hard and deep into me and I could feel you pulsing inside me.

We sat like that for awhile, me leaning back against your chest. Your hand idly caressing my rib cage..


One thought on “Hot Tub Love”

  1. I truely like your great stlye in writing, I at times just sit back on a Sunday afternoon and read your cool sexy with a bit of twisted too it.


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