What Happens Next

You came into the room and gave me that look, the one you get when I’ve been especially snarky. Crossing over to me and gathering me in your arms you hold me close and whisper in my ear, “You need a spanking little girl.” Which immediately makes me quiver with anticipation. You move back and sit in your favorite chair and wait, watching, as I get ready.

Looking into your eyes I slip off my shirt first exposing my black lacy bra, then I slide my shorts down leaving me in nothing but the bra and a lacy black thong. I reach back and unhook the bra and slide it off my arms exposing my breasts to the air and your hot gaze. My nipples pebbled and stiffened with barely contained desire. I cross the floor to stand in front of you.

Reaching out you run a finger over my lace covered mound, then over my thigh and hip until you reach the edge of my thong, sliding them down my legs until they drop to the floor. Holding on of my wrists you guide me over your legs and position me with my ass high, thighs spread open a bit, enough for you to reach my pussy and clit with no obstacles.

Rubbing your hand over my entire ass you leave tingles everywhere you touch. I feel your hand leave my skin and my body tenses in anticipation… SMACK .. the first spank falls on my right cheek…. SMACK … the second on my left cheek. Setting a pace you spank me with quick firm spanks all over both cheeks, after several minutes, when you like the warm pink color of my ass you pause and run your finger through my wet pussy lips and circle my throbbing clit. You say to me, “You enjoy this don’t you? Well, let’s give you a bit more enjoyment then.”

Starting again you spank me faster and harder than before, my ass going from dark pink to red in minutes. You spank both cheeks and my upper thighs leaving no skin untouched. When you look and are satisfied with the color and heat of my well spanked ass, you stop. Standing me up, you turn me around and bend me so I’m holding the seat of the chair. Moving behind me I hear your zipper then I feel your hard cock press against my wet pussy lips, driving inside in one long stroke until you are pressed against my hot spanked skin. You start sliding in and slamming back in at a frenzied pace, holding my hips, grinding against my hot skin with every thrust. As I hit the edge of pleasure my muscles grip you from the inside pulling you with me into orgasm as we both shudder and shake with the intensity of the pleasure.

After, you scoop me into your arms and walk to the bed. We lay down together and as we are drifting off to sleep I hear you whisper to me, “You’re such a good girl.”


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