The Shower

You were with me there in the shower, it wasn’t my shower but a much nicer one with a bench at one side. We stood together under the spray and you took my body wash that smells of vanilla and jasmine and smoothed it over my shoulders down over my breasts circling my nipples until they were stiff and begging for more attention. 

Then your hands slid down over my belly then over the top of my pussy one finger slid through the folds that were already slippery and hot. You ran your hands around the side of each hip to wash my bottom and up my back. Standing under the water you let the soap rinse off of my body then you pulled us backwards until you were sitting on the bench. 

Leaning down I kissed you, nibbling and licking your lips as I dropped to my knees in front of you. I licked from the base to the tip of your cock then swirled my tongue around the tip, circling the base with one hand I slipped my mouth over the top and then down as far as I could go, sliding my mouth and hand together up and down while flicking my tongue back and forth over the vein on the underside of your cock. 

After a minute or so you put your hand in my hair to gently tug me up. You pulled me close and had me put one leg over your shoulder, your tongue slid over the lips then nudged my swollen clit, my legs were shaking with the need to cum, with one hand you held my bottom so I stayed in place and slid two fingers from the other hand inside my slippery hot pussy. Sliding your fingers in and out you sucked my clit and flicked it with your tongue, my orgasm came fast and swift, my body tingling, legs shaking, pussy clenching, while I chanted your name over and over….


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