Laying together

We were together, laying in bed just talking about the day. I was laying on your chest stroking up and down the arm I could reach, your hand was making small circles over the arch of my back.
I looked up at you, to ask you a question, but you captured my lips in a kiss. Your lips nibbling mine, my tongue darting out to lick your top and bottom lips. You pulled me tight against you, your hand on my hip, then rolled over so you had me pinned under you. You told me to put my hands around the posts in the headboard and I wasn’t allowed to let go until you told me. 
You started kissing along my jaw, down my neck to my chest, you kissed the upper swell of my right breast, licking and nipping all the way around the whole breast but avoiding the nipple. You did the same with the left breast, gasping in pleasure and arching my back with need underneath you, it was torture and ecstasy. Finally you drew the right nipple into your mouth and bit on it with just enough pressure so it was pleasure and pain all together. I could feel that I was close to cumming, you could sense it, leaning down to my ear, you whispered, “Don’t cum until I tell you.” You repeated the same exquisite attention to the left nipple. 
Then you started licking, kissing and nibbling down my belly. Sliding your hands up my legs you parted them and fit yourself between them and stroked my swollen pussy lips with one finger before capturing my clit in your mouth. Your tongue nudging and circling my clit, you slid one finger inside my pussy then slowly back out again. Sliding up my body you fit the tip of your hardness against my opening and told me to let go and hold you. You slid all the way in and I could feel my orgasm starting. Beginning to move in and out you told me to cum with you. Wrapping my legs around your back I met each thrust. My orgasm started and my whole body tensed and I felt you stiffen over me as we came together. You leaned down to kiss me… 

Then I woke up


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