MJ -Poetry to Make You Think

I read, a lot, all genres, formats, narrative POVs. Some say I eat books for breakfast. I write, this that and the other thing, but mostly poetry. I’ve been writing poetry since, well, I was riding my dinosaur to school. Had a few published in some blah, blah, blah society’s annual poetry anthems. Started reading even earlier, probably was born knowing how, but I digress, segue into present day where by some stroke of destiny or fate, whatever have you, I was led to Moctezuma Johnson. Unlike a horse that is led to water but won’t drink, I dove straight in, binge reading anything and everything on his site.

His poetry though, calls to me, like a boat hearing a siren in the water, I am unable to avoid the magic that his poems unfold. No, they’re not about flowers and butterflies and I have yet to find any sparkly bits in the poems, but they are real, raw, and they will make you think. MJ’s poetry isn’t for the faint of heart nor for the easily offended, rather for the very open minded and the lovers of pure unadulterated Smutpunk, he’s not called The King of Literary Porn for no reason.

The book of real and imaginary girlfriends

In the truest sense is pure poetic genius, no they don’t rhyme, but who said poetry has to rhyme? They evoke feelings in you, of love, sorrow, occasional anger but most of the time, pure unadulterated lust. This book is the veritable Kama Sutra of poetry, it’s not a collection of thirty-five poems about love, or cute kitties, but raw human emotion and life. Poetry that will make you stop and think (matter of fact, you should stop and think any time you are reading MJ). I honestly couldn’t stop once I started reading it, then when I was done, I read it again, just to absorb every little detail. He paints such a vivid literary picture that you can’t keep from visualizing what’s being written, which is what good, nay excellent, poetry should do.

As a follow-up to this fantabulous book MJ has another book of poetry…

Poisonous Apples

Another excellent foray down the rabbit hole of MJ’s brilliant mind. It’s a continuous fest of love to hate or is it hate to love, whatever it is there’s a lot of emotion and feeling in every poem. I don’t think you understand what I mean, there is a well-spring of emotion in Every. Single. Poem. I read it in one sitting, I read it again, then again, just because it’s that captivating. Just like with everything that he writes, it’s not for those with closed minds or persons who are overly judgmental.

I cannot recommend these two book enough – La poésie est magnifique. If you like highly charged, smutpunk-filled literary porn, go check out MJ’s site. Sign up, buy books, join the Smutpunk movement today!






2 thoughts on “MJ -Poetry to Make You Think”

  1. Wow! I don’t know what to say. I should probably mention butterflies and stuff. Yes, I have been raising butterflies covered in glitter safely in a jar. I had no idea why, but after reading this otherworldly review I pop the top and let them fly around you leaving trails of sparkly pink and purple glitter all over your eyelashes and nose. Thank you, Genevieve. Eres la azúcar en mi limonada.


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