How to properly lick a lollipop

So, not that there is a huge debate on how to lick a lollipop, but I think that some pointers are in order anyhow.

First, you actually have to like lollipops to truly enjoy licking and sucking on them. There are some people who will do it, just because their friends do, or they are asked repeatedly to lick a lollipop. You have to either like it anyhow, or get in the right mindset to enjoy yourself.

First, you start by licking from the bottom to the top, long leisurely strokes of your tongue to savor the flavor of your lollipop. Next you swirl your tongue around just the top of your lollipop, it always seems to be sweeter there.

Once you have licked and swirled your tongue all around the entire lollipop, you sink the entire luscious thing into your mouth. Swirl your tongue around it while it’s in your mouth. Keep repeating these actions until your lollipop is finished and you swallow down the final burst of juicy flavor.

Try one today, you might like it.


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