Rasputin and the Bee Czar – Kirktales

Once long ago, there was a kingdom of bees that lived in a hive. Every day they went about their daily business of pollinating and collecting nectar. The entire hive would go out and leave a small worker bee to keep watch, Nicholas.

It just so happened that in the next valley over there lived a mad monk, Rasputin, who was ever covetous of the hive’s honey. He waited and watched for the bees to go out on their daily collection and then stole across the valley and into the hive.

He ran across Nicholas standing guard and scoffed, what can a worker bee do to one such as me? Then he stepped on him and proceeded to take all the honeycomb he could carry. When the rest of the bees returned and saw poor crushed Nicholas and the destruction, they flew after Rasputin, stinging him and driving him far, far away.

The moral of the story?

Never try to take someone else’s honey.


2 thoughts on “Rasputin and the Bee Czar – Kirktales”

    1. This was a story as told to me by my late grandfather. I actually like it in its original form. His were more short fables with a moral to the story at the end. Most of them had a basis in historical information. Just enough verisimilitude to make them utterly believable.


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