The Poetry of Music (feat @DJtr1xX)

If you listen to music, really good music, the poetry comes to you. Or, at least it does to me. Some speak of hope and love, the others of tears and desperation. My motivation, DJtr1xX .. .. Listen and read.

As the confusion settles so sweetly within my mind

and time takes to meandering along before it unwinds.

Feeling the sorrow of serenity’s bitter desperation,

you can tune out the noise but you can’t change the station


Stumbling blindly along the lonely path of solitude’s desolation

searching for love, yet only finding a heart full of devastation.

If only one could look with other than their eyes

we could maybe move past emotional hurdles and hurtful lies.


Practicality wins out over confusion in the war of heart and mind

for this kind of love they may never be destined to find.

Satisfy yourself with all life has given in its grace,

only one who cares, can see the longing in your face.


Walk now from the path of utter loneliness, salvation lies within,

for the healing process to take effect, you have to let it in.

Not needing anyone to complete yourself in any way

the hole becomes complete, but the ache remains the same.


Look now past the obvious conclusions to this love you seek

you may find the search was as close as, within the people that you speak.

Search no more will they, for the answer lies not in that way

for is that love is to be yours, it will find you on its own day.


Hold always with you heart the one thing you want more than all else,

remember with fondness any love in your life that you have felt.

For one day soon, after confusion’s reign has ended,

you may find that elusive prize of love, in one you have befriended.


When this love awakens and answers to your heat’s silent plea

treat it preciously and treasure it, for it may yet feel the need to flee.

Priceless is this feeling and elusive all the same,

happy you will be, if that love comes to your name.


Until the time that love should see itself ready to arrive,

we can only but muddle through the confusion in our lives.

Hold fast and hold tight to the glimmer of hope you still feel,

for we all know in our heart, that that kind of love is real.


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