The Adventures of Sarchasmo-by MJ

I read, no let me clarify, I devour books for breakfast, I read books and cry, feel happy, sad, fall in love, and occasionally laugh. This book, was laughs (or on occasion sardonic snorts… which are not very ladylike) from beginning to end.

Yes, well, I don’t really know where to start with this, but before you go all batty and say oh jeeze I’m not reading that, I positively loved it!

As a book it isn’t lengthy, however, the satirical point that is being made here is well addressed in the number of pages. What it lacks in length is completely makes up for in ..weight.

The allusions made towards various forms and types of “copy-catting” are both humorous and on point. Apographia and her amorphous carbon copies are extraordinarily well described as well as the reference to MJ’s (the singer not the erotic literary genius) “Thriller” full of zombies following blindly along with the majority of the crowd.

The main character, not really who and or what you think it is. If you are looking to be amused, entertained,  and yes, even educated, I highly recommend checking out this book.

You can find the author Moctezuma Johnson, Mo Joe Johnson, or whatever he chooses to call himself that day, on Twitter at

Go, sign up for the newsletter at his website but not if you are easily offended or do not appreciate well written SMUTPUNK.


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