Berlin Exile by Anthony Adler

I had the chance to read a fabulous book by Anthony Adler, Berlin Exile.

Meet Jamie Stolts a marketing analyst for a large London financial firm. He starts this book as a marginally arrogant skirt chaser. Due to an unfortunate decision to have sex with a co-workers daughter in hos own office, Jamie is let go from the firm on a semi-temporary basis and sent to Germany.

In Germany he is set up to start work with a company in the financial sector to keep to his line of business. It is during his first days there that we start to see him evolving and growing in maturity by doing some volunteer work. It is here that we meet Amy, an American (of course, us Americans, always getting involved in things) with whom Jamie becomes involved. They have an extremely sexual relationship and their escapades are many and very adventurous. Soon enough he realizes their relationship was very unidirectional and feel freed.

When he begins work with his new company he meets Silke. Through the remainder of the book you watch their relationship develop as she teaches him about the life of BDSM and he begins to learn control and the power there is in submission to another. As he reflects on his behavior prior to meeting Silke he realizes that he was veritably a child before.

This is a true love story, not only for another person, but how to actually love yourself and to grow and change for the better. You would do well to read this book today!

Anthony’s book can be found at along with many others.

You can connect with this fantastic author on Twitter at



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