Dreaming of you

I dreamed one night.. about a someone.. not sure who, but this is what happened.

I had a dream and you were there. We were walking, late, it was dark. I’m sure we were on the beach because I could hear the waves. The moon was heavy and low in the sky giving everything a golden glow. We were holding hands, your thumb sliding over my palm, caressing each fingertip, the touch it was sensual and seductive.

You tugged my hand to have me stop so you could pull me into your arms. Reaching up, you framed my face in your hands then leaned down and started nibbling the corner of my mouth, kissing and nipping until my entire mouth was swollen and tingling, only then did you slide your tongue along my lower lip and when my mouth parted your tongue slipped inside to taste my mouth. Our tongues danced together, I traced your top lip with my tongue, you sucked my bottom lip gently. Your thumbs caressed the sides of my face.

My hands slid up your arms, over your shoulders, my fingertips sliding through your hair. You pulled me closer until there was no space between us. My nipples, tight with desire were pressed into your chest through our shirts. I could feel you, hard, pressed against my belly.

Your hands, they slid down my back to squeeze both bottom cheeks, while you whispered, “Have you been very naughty?” I shivered, answering, “Maybe a bit.”

Sliding your hands under my skirt you caressed the skin of my bottom lightly at first, then with firmer strokes. While still kissing me you turned me to the side and flipped my skirt up over my back, exposing my whole backside to the air, sliding your hand over my skin, I was quivering with anticipation. I felt your hand leave my skin and I was prepared for the first smack…then I woke up…

Now, will my dream lover come back and finish the job?



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