Those Fruit Posts

I was engaged in a hilarious conversation on Twitter the other day, and a mention was made about my “fruit posts”. Apparently when I write about eating fruit it comes across a bit… sexually, shall we say. Today I thought I’d lend my words to a pomegranate to see if that could in anyway possible be considered a sexual fruit.

Deep dark red, juicy and sweet. You place one against your lips and already you can taste the tangy sweetness, your tongue darts out to lick the drop of juice from your lip. You place it on your tongue and draw it into your mouth, you bite down gently until the juice explodes over your tongue, savoring the sweetness of the juice. Now, your addicted to the taste and go back for more of the juicy sweetness until you’ve licked up every last juicy drop. 

I wonder what fruit might be next?


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