Bluetooth Blocking Common Sense?

I was out to lunch yesterday with my best friend and we got to talking about how people seem to be losing all the ability to think or even have basic common sense.

Whether it is the lady next to you texting, whoever, on the way to wherever she’s going, or the kid talking on the phone while driving and not really paying attention. It seems to be growing into an epidemic, at this point it’s probably pandemic. Technology is a fantastic thing when it is used at the proper moment in time. But mostly it disassociates us from reality and other people.

You are driving down the street, and there is a man in his underwear, walking down the sidewalk, on his cell phone. Like, did it not occur to you to put on some type of clothes before going outside? Common sense anyone?

Case in point, you are at the grocery in the check-out line and the person behind you is standing there asking questions into what seems thin air or they are facing you and talking. So, you answer the query and get the odd look and general gesture towards their head and them mouthing the word “Phone”. When did this become acceptable in society?

People walking across the road looking at their phones, hello, there are cars.

I like my technology as much as anyone else, and I don’t begrudge anyone using technology as an assist, not a crutch.

Soon, you’ll have to check with Siri or Cortana to find out what you should wear to work.(Hopefully one of them will at least tell you to put clothes on before going outside)

Are we as the human race just getting that lackadaisical in our every day lives or is it a case of Bluetooth blocking common sense?

You decide.




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