5 Star-At My Feet by Michel Arnaud

An incredibly sexy debut novel by Michel Arnaud @michelarnaud221

Antoine Cassernet, a big name in the banking industry in France. He seems to be living the good life with a beautiful wife and 3 children but he still has 2 mistresses.

Enter the whirlwind who is Madeleine to complete this amazing love triangle.

Everything you could want in a love story is present as well as things you might not expect. Jealousy and subterfuge run rampant from cover to cover in this wonderfully written book. Did I mention the sex? The explicitly explained sex scenes will leave you breathless for more.

You can feel the love between all the characters in this book as well as the relationship dynamic from all angles.

You might think to yourself that Antoine is a bastard for “cheating” on Sandrine, his wife, but that is subjective. A lot has been said for open relationships. Imagine what a functioning ménage could give these people.

I was hooked from the very beginning and Michel has such a way with words that you will be as well.

This book and many other great selections are available at

http://www.look4books.co.uk/ from @Gary_R_Walker

Go, see what’s offered, buy a book, or three.


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