Eating From The Cherry Tree – 5+ Stars

Such an incredible journey you get to take with a young girl turned brothel owner and the life that she led.

Written and experienced by Vivien Ella Walden – @vivienwalden

This memoir has everything you expect and quite a bit more that will shock you. The ability to experience Vivien’s life events through her telling of them is incredible.

I shared her heartbreak, her pain, felt elated at her successes, and could commiserate with her about some of her choices in life partners.

I was completely fascinated and captured from page one of this book. I almost feel as I know her now (and would love a friend like her as well). Hearing the first hand account of a Madam was enthralling and I feel I understand that profession better now.

At the center of this whole telling one has to remember that this is a real woman showing the rest of us her life. I am amazed by her resilience and perseverance.

Read this book, get to know Vivien, she seems to be one amazing lady.

This book and many other great selections are available at from @Gary_R_Walker

Go, see what’s offered, buy a book, or more. I know I will be!


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