Some of my poetry

These poems are from a very long time ago.

May 21, 1999 – My random poetry when I wake up confused after dreaming.

Softly Go

The soft touch of love’s sweet tender caress

Even in my dreams, it’s your touch I know

The whisper soft thought of touch heats my flesh

As I tell you.. softly …go..

Sweet, silky slide of sensual love’s touch

My dreams of you make my body glow

The feeling so overpowering

As I tell you.. softly … go …

The heat of the moment burning so hot

sensation overwhelming, quivering and slow

Feeling so love hungry, even though here you are not

As I tell you … softly.. go.. .

As I wake not, from my sleep

The burning love cant not help but show

Feeling happy yet sad enough to weep

As I whisper .. “Where do you go?”

August 9, 1991 (I was 16, yes I had just had a break up from a young love, but in the worst way possible at the time. I think at any time, for what else do you feel if you find the “one you love” when you find them en flagrante delicto with another young lady?


What is “love”,  is it just a word?

I have a feeling that’s all some people think it is

I know I’m young, maybe not so smart

but please explain to me about the human heart.

How can someone say they love you

but cause you so much pain?

How could somebody say they mean it

then hurt you so deep inside?

If love is only pain and hurt

someone tell me what it’s worth.

I think it more than words,

more than just to say, “I love you”

I know you have to mean it

you have to really care

because by just saying it, there’s nothing really there.

August 30, 1988 – This was written after my 4 year old baby cousin drowned in his pool. Needless to say we were all devastated. (It is just a haiku)

A summer morning

A lost child’s soul gone to heaven

A boy gone away.

I’ll post more as I go along.. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Some of my poetry”

  1. You are truly talented, Gen! Writing can be so cathartic. Helps me to get it out of my mind & hopefully, finally let go.

    Good thoughts going out to you!
    From one Jen to another


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