Last night….

I opened my eyes and he was standing there. I knew him but from where I couldn’t place. He was telling me about his day and how his plans were coming together for the future; I was very happy for him and sad at the same time. His plans, if they came to fruition, would mean that he would be moving far away from me, from us. I wasn’t quite sure what us was but in my heart i knew it would be painful if he left.

He turned to leave and I took hold of his hand, I stood up then and wrapped my arms around him and whispered, ” I don’t want to miss seeing you”.

He leaned down, his strong, mocha hands came up to cradle each side of my face, he leaned down and as our lips touched….. I woke up.

It was only a dream and yet I missed him, whoever he was, as much as if it had been real.


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